Sunday, March 11, 2012

Coupons, Yes I Have Time for Them and Have Been Reffered to as "That Crazy Coupon Lady"

I am a full time employee, a full time student, a Scentsy consultant, a part-time farmhand (on an absolutely last resort as needed type of basis), a maid, a cook, a personal shooper, a girlfriend and a family member to a huge Czech family. So that kind of takes up a lot of my time if you didn't know, but I also enjoy COUPONING!

I know, I know, how do you have time for it? Well, my answer, it's my hobby and I make time. It's my way to escape the "real world" and usually a way for me to avoid doing homework. ;) I have found that with couponing I can now afford more things that I really didn't budget for and I can also have a little extra cash I can start putting away for future house updates or unexpected costs that could will approach us at some point.

So here's one of my freebie hauls, it includes four Go-Paks of Nutter Butter Bites, Mini Oreos and Mini Chips Ahoy. One Herbal Essences hair spray, six packs of band-aids, three tubes of toothpaste, two deodorants (I liked the smell), and two packs of BIC pens. I paid only $6.42 for all of it! It retailed at well over $35, I would call that a win-win for me!

Check out my haul, it was only $6.42!

How you ask do I do such a task? Well, it really isn't easy to be honest. It does take time and research, if you follow sites like Q Tipping Mom or Coupon Divas they typically do what they call Round-Ups or Match-Ups with a ton of stores that makes it much easier to then match what is on sale with what coupons you have. They also have great links to other sites that can help you out also.

I've also made up my own spreadsheets based on what works best for me and my shopping needs. I divided it up into columns including, item, price match location, number of items to buy, sale price, coupon total, total, then retail price. It sounds confusing but I promise it's really not! Once you get the hang out jotting it all down you'll be more inclined to stick with your list and the impulse buys will reduce considerably. I also like keeping a list of all of the retail prices because it makes you feel like you're saving a heck of a lot more than just seeing what your subtotal with coupons is.

So for example, lets say that deodorant is $2 retail price, I have a $1/2 coupon ($1 off two items) and it's on sale for $1. So I'd have to buy 2 deodorants for $1 each equalling $2 plus my $1/2 coupon, I'd be paying only $1 for 2 deodorants! Makes you feel like you've saved a little but if you have the retail price you'll see that you really save $3!!

More tips and tricks to come I promise, stay tuned for more details about how I can survive off of a small shopping budget and saved over $800 in just six months!


  1. So since you love it and I could really use some money saving how about you coupon for me too? ;)I'll cook for you and make your twins cute stuff in return...

  2. Ahh! Well sure, I'd be willing to trade that one! What are you in need of? Besides of course food... ;)


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