Monday, March 12, 2012

Earning FREE Gift Cards

So, I love freebies (obviously) and I've found some ways to find freebies for little effort on my part. I've found some sites like Superpoints and Swagbucks. I like these sites because by just doing simple tasks I normally do daily I can build up "points" and cash them in for gift cards and other items.

On Superpoints basically the break-down is you sign up for it. You spin or click a "SuperLucky Wheel" button and then it rewards you with points. Some spins you don't win anything others you can win 25 points a shot. Also, they send you an e-mail daily with some points. I've gotten 50 points through an e-mail before! It takes awhile to build up enough points to actually cash them in but hey, if all I have to do to get $10 cash loaded into my PayPal account is spin a button daily I'm all for it!

Swagbucks is run kind of the same way. If you follow them on Facebook they typically give out codes that you can copy onto your account and get points. You can participate in daily polls and get points and complete offers. I don't stay as active with this site but I still enjoy the getting a chance to earn freebies and you can use your points to cash in and enter into drawings for bigger prizes if you'd like. I'm not a gambling person so I choose to save my points to cash in towards things I know I can use.

Another site that has a way to earn gift cards is Q Tipping Mom, their site has just started this new program so it is kind of in it's trial stage. They've only got a couple of good prizes up so far but Starbucks and Barnes & Noble are my fav's so I'm willing to give it a try. All you have to do is check the site daily, it'll give you 100 points for going there, and then if you choose to look at the other points opportunities it typically gives you the option to "tweet" about them and earn another 100 points. I typically do just because I don't use my twitter for anything and I figured I may as well spam it up. If you comment on their articles you can also earn more points. I'm still debating if I like this site and their points system but as of now I'm in second place on their leader board and am about 400 points away from being in first place!

Both sites work great and I've looked into other sites but these are really the only two I've found useful so far. Do you guys have any sites that you've used? I'd love to find more sites that require little effort on my part but I can earn free stuff off of!

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