Saturday, March 10, 2012

Freebies Friday

So, what's better than coupons and sales? FREEBIES! Since I am a coupon addict, I also am a freebie addict. Whenever I find a good site that gives you updates on freebies and coupons I like to bookmark it, here's one site I've found very helpful with alerting you when new savings/freebies come out. Sample Stuff has great links to special promos that companies are doing and I love that they give you heads up when possible!

Although freebies are ideal coupons are also great and are considered the next best thing. ;) Alot of facebook sites will give away free products and also coupons for free products. As annoying as it is to have a million likes on fbook sometimes its worth it! I've scored tons of freebie items from companies of products I already buy. For example, ---->

I earned all those goodies throughout the last couple months from fbook sites and other offers that I watch! Great deals and less money out of my pocket on the items I already buy. Annoying on fbook for clogging my feed vs. free items just for filling out my e-maill addy and mailing addy? Sure, sounds easy enough!

But just a note of warning, yes they will send you junk mail so make up a different e-mail addy used strickly for couponing.

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