Tuesday, March 27, 2012

God Would Approve

So about a year ago I was bumming Lincoln with my mom. She's an avid fan of Goodwill's (as if you didn't already know that) and once in awhile I'll find some cute decor inspiration ideas. While browsing one day I came across the book section and started to check it all out. I love finding old books that look like cute decor accents and use some of the old books for the worn/torn pages inside to make projects. I found a neon colored paperback book and grabbed it up to see what it was about. Just skimming it looked interesting, something about girls that meet up and become friends at a "God" conference. What really caught my attention was the title, "Yada Yada Prayer Group". What an interesting title right?!

I took it home and threw it in a pile assuming if I had time I'd check it out later. A couple months later as I'm moving piles cleaning I found the book and decided to give it a try and start reading it. I FELL IN LOVE! Like have you ever read one of those books where you felt like you just could not put it down? Well, that's what this one was. It was a full 416 pages worth of great information. Not just information about praying and talking to God, but about friendships, crime, different cultures, racism, death and many other things.

While reading this book I realized I wanted to make my relationship with God stronger. I knew I had been putting my religion on the back burner here the past few years but this book really inspired me to really look into my Christianity and dig around, get to know God a little more.

I learned a lot about my relationship with the big man and I also learned new ways to pray (weird right?). I also learned to be thankful for the situation that I'm in at the moment, both the positive and negative ones. Instead of "begging" for what I wanted to say thank you and I'm yours to use as a learning tool for others. The book really made me open my eyes and realize that God has been working on miracles for me since I was little, he's been giving me millions of opportunities that other's have never been able to experience.

I was kind of bummed with how the book finished, it was like a cliff hanger, just leaving me there grasping on needing more. I then realized it was book #1 of a SEVEN part series. Once I found this out, B&N was my first stop in Lincoln that very next weekend. I read through the series and found myself feeling closer to God with each book. I really got to know the characters and saw some of them carrying over into my life and would always smile thinking of these characters. I really found comfort in these books. It was like mysteriously these books were "sent" to me to find. But like any book, the series ended and I felt like part of me was being put in timeout. I loved the whole entire series and was totally torn about it being over already. I have this issue where once I finish a book I feel lost, almost like something's missing, imagine how I felt after a whole series was done. I was trying to figure out what to do with my spare time, there was a giant void.

Once finishing with this series I discovered there's a spin-off series by the same author called, "Yada Yada House of Hope Series". The same author wrote a completely seperate series of books again! Thankfully she didn't let me down, she knew I needed something in my life from her. ;) She used the same characters but based it off of another lady's view of some of the situations that Jodi (the main character from the other series) faced. These books were just as good and I would recommend reading this series once finished with the Yada's.

While looking at the website for the author I discover that the author's husband is creating a man's version of the series, so far it's a two book series but I sure hope he finishes up more as I'm super addicted to these two authors!

I'm not a big reader by any means and I'm luckily if I finish a book in one year besides the occasional school reads but honestly, I'm not getting paid to preach this I'm just letting you know this book is worth it! If you'd like to borrow my set please do so! (Just make sure I get them back)

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