Friday, March 30, 2012

Terrific Temps

The temps outside are just amazing, yesterday I even had enough time to get a tanning session AND a workout session in. Bonus!

I also found a neat new app for working out, try it out, it's called MapMyRun. I like using it so far, it's fairly simple to navigate.The features of using your GPS to "map" out where you ran were pretty cool also, it's kind of pointless for me out here in the country but those in town it would be neat to see the different routes you have ran. At first I thought it was awesome that it would give you data like how fast you are running (mph), the actual speed (minutes to run a mile) you're running and also it gives you options to enter in your food/calorie intake. Yup, really cool until it told me that I was running a ten minute mile... Let me tell you, it's really depressing hearing that as in high school I was running a 5:34 mile for track and cross country. Quite a difference and that alone has encouraged me to get into shape!

After my run I decided to start prepping the area where I plan to do a little landscaping and flower planting this year. I loaded up a couple buckets full of old wood shavings, leaves and some pine needles that needed to get thrown out and threw them in the pen only to have curious ponies digging around in them.

Even after I finished all of these tasks it was still light out so I rewarded myself by plopping taking a seat in the hammock chair and got back into a book I've been reading. It's such a relaxing way to get away from the realities of stress and constant strain. I have always had a hate/hate relationship with books until more recently and have learned to use them as my escape.

This year's goal for flower planting is to keep them alive throughout the WHOLE summer and into fall if possible. It seems I set this goal every year and yet the watering thing doesn't happen so they obviously die quickly. Here are some shots I had time to take before it got too dark last night, these are all natural flowers that were growing on the yard that have been around for years. Quite gorgeous and amazing how God creates such precious things!!

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