Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Two Years Later...

Look at us going strong! I cannot believe two years ago today we officially entered into the dating world.

It's great to know that two years later we can still laugh, joke around and have fun together. Sometimes we act like little kids but luckily that's the type of relationship I want to be in, the type where it's ok to have fun and forget the worries of the world just for a moment or two. It amazes me how someone as quite and laid back as Travie is willing to put up with someone as loud and crazy as me!

It's a blessing I really believe as I've never had anyone as understanding and caring as Trav. I hate to go into the mushy crap but it's great to have a bestie to hang out with daily.

He's been there through good and bad, through my "queenzilla" days and through everything else. God has a way  of making things work out in the end and I think this time he's got it all going in the right direction!

Looking back I can remember many of our "firsts" together, at the time they seemed sometimes scary, first time meeting each other's families, we made it through them. I know we will in the future have many more "firsts" together (or I should hope we do I guess) but for now, we'll just enjoy the moment and the first "two years later" night together.

We are a work in progress with a lifetime contract -Phyllis Koss


  1. I can't wait to watch you experience more firsts!

  2. and we cannot wait for your babies "firsts" either!


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