Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding Bells on a Sunny Saturday

This weekend we were blessed with getting to see our dear friends Tim and Kristi get married! The wedding was gorgeous and I loved their simple country wedding theme they choose! Travis was lucky enough to be an Usher for this event so we got to help the couple all weekend.

The church was absolutely stunning, it was built in the 1970's and it was fairly accurate to what it looked like back then. It was near Hampton out in the country on top of a hill. Most of the interior was still decorated like it was when they first built it, including all of the old brass chandeliers, the baby pink tin embossed tiles, the blue/teal/pinkish colored walls, the balcony seating and even wooden bench pews. The colors were kind of different but back then that must have been "cool" but none-the-less it was just a neat old church and the colors really made it show its true age, very very awesome! After talking to Kristi about the church the only thing that she said was really updated was that the bell had to be rebuilt because lightning struck it and started a fire. The ceremony was intimate and the whole wedding party looked so great in their brown and greens, what neat colors to use!

The reception was held at the York Community Center. I can remember for my cousin's wedding we were at the same place dancing the night away about ten years ago. Amazing how time flies, going from my biggest worry back then was how late my parents would let me stay up at the reception to now how late could I stay up without feeling exhausted the next morning. It brought back many memories but it was a time to make many new memories with a new freshly married couple!

I must admit they had THE BEST food ever! The rehearsal dinner they had the most delicious prime rib and chicken along with tons of sides, including some kolache which I just couldn't pass up. I am not even kidding when I was stuffed to the point of feeling sick to my stomach after eating all of the food that night. Not wanting the night to end too early we decided to head over to Apple Bee's afterwards. It was nice having some social time with friends we haven't seen in awhile.

We woke up and went to the Iron Skillet right down the road from where we stayed. Food was just as good, especially for a "truck stop" type of place. Then come wedding day they had even more great food! They had roast beef and chicken at the reception and that too was so good. I got fed really well the whole weekend that's for sure!!

The reception was great, plenty of friends to see, a lot of dancing and of course a little alcohol to help the couple celebrate such a great occasion. ;) A bonus, I CAUGHT THE BOUQUET from the bouquet toss! Wonder if it's a foreshadowing on new events I will someday soon be blogging?!

All in all the weekend was great and me and Travis were lucky enough to get to help a wonderful couple celebrate such a special milestone in their life. Congrats Tim & Kristi Keller!!

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