Monday, March 19, 2012

Where Did That Weekend Go?

This weekend FLEW by! We were quite the busy bees all weekend though.

Friday night was dedicated to the Wilber Czech Kick-Off where the Alumni Band played a few songs and welcomed our new band leader, Russ Workman! It was a bitter-sweet moment for us, as we finally realized our band leader DJ was not coming back but was there with us in spirit but we also were able to open up the door to a new leader and let Russ help us work our way into the future! I cannot wait to go on "tour" this summer and go to many Czech Festivals and parades around the area and bring our music to others. Let's just hope our bodyguards have been practicing, CA CAW, CA CAW! ;) Another event that took place was the crowning of the Wilber Czech Queen! Congratulations Anna Beck, you're going to do a great job this year and I cannot wait to see you take this journey and learn many new things about our heritage. And lastly to finish up the night, Chelewski Boys played some great tunes. We of course stayed too late and payed for it in the morning, but it was great spending time with family and friends. It's great to know I've found a guy who understands my love for my heritage and music. We can never turn down a good Czech meal with polka's playing in the background. ;)

Saturday was recovery day, not much done just a little work, then off to Tabor for another night of polkas. We listened to the Czechland Trio for awhile, enjoyed some yummy pork, kraut and dumplings and then headed home early. Boring night but it was good to just have some relaxation time.

Sunday was busy busy again. We went into town to eat with Trav's grandparents and then came home to get some serious work done. We ended up picking up about three miles worth of fence. Not just picking up post, but the whole nine yards as in picking it up, unloading the posts, and then winding up the wire. Trav seemed to trust me with the tractor so it wasn't too labor intensive, I got to listen to the radio and drive the tractor around. Can't get any easier right!? While waiting for him to wind the wire I had time to snap this great shot of our ponies, puppy and kitties. Great shot of all of our little farm buddies! By the time we finished that it was dark so we ended up doing cattle chores in the dark and then made it in the house by nine-ish. Wish that would have been the end to the day but when I got in the house was still in shambles. So I ended up cleaning and trying to get the house into working order for the following week. Jeez, busy life being on a farm I must say!

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