Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick Mix Recipes

So, I've come across some genius ideas here lately and felt an urge to make and share them. Anything that makes life simpler I am all on board for. Over the next couple weeks I'll add some other homemade mixes I've tried also, all of these have made making supper or any meal a much easier task. I actually enjoy prepping and making food now that I have all these cheats!

5 lb bag of flour (20 cups)
4 cups non-fat dry milk powder (or buttermilk powder)
2 tablespoons salt
1 tablespoon cream of tartar
5 cups vegetable shortening
In a large bowl sift the dry ingredients together. With  blender (or your hands) add in shortening until mixture resembles cornmeal texture. Store in airtight container.
*Can also cut in half if you won't use all within a reasonable amount of time. I choose to cut it into 1/4's and that works best for us, a "family" of two!*
<<This is basically a biscuit mixture, can use it with basically any recipe that calls for biscuit mix>>

Recipes to Go With the ALL PURPOSE QUICK MIX:

3 cups All Purpose Quick Mix
3/4 cup milk or water
Stir together until blended, drop dough by spoonfuls onto baking sheet. Bake in 450 degree oven for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.

Coffee Cake:
3 cups All Purpose Quick Mix
1/3 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup milk or water
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Filling: 1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup brown sugar (packed)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/4 cup butter or margarine
Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Spray an 8" pan with cooking spray. Combine quick mix and sugar in medium bowl. Mix together eggs, milk and vanilla. Combine the liquid mixture with the dry mixture. Prepare filling separately. Add in butter to the cake mix until mixture is crumbling. Spread half of the mixture in the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle filling over the mixture. Top with the remaining cake mixture. Bake 40-50 minutes until toothpick comes out clean.

Self-Crusting Quiche:
3 eggs
1/3 cup All Purpse Quick Mix
1 1/2 cups milk
1/2 teaspoon onion salt
Salt & pepper for taste (or none if you're like me and prefer no pepper)
1/2-1 teaspoon of herb spices (thyme, parsley, oregano)
1 cup shredded cheese
1 cup finely chopped meat, sausage, bacon crumbles, or cooked veggies
Preheat oven to 325 degrees, coat a 9" pie tin with cooking spray, layer the meat and cheese in the bottom of the pan. Combine the rest of the ingredients in a mixer (love my Kitchenaid for stuff like this) and mix for about one minute or until completely mixed together. Pour mixture over the meat and cheese, bake 30-45 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean. I then added some extra cheese about 5 minutes before it was ready for extra cheesy-ness! Yum!

(Ignore the heart shaped pan, my pie tins were obviously dirty at the time I made this)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Remembing the "Good Ol Days"

<--- Looks like the "thinking" didn't work for me. Silly how even back when I was two, society was telling me to "think tall" just to fit it. I don't blame my parents for this, I'm sure it was meant as a harmless joke beings both of my parents are under 6'9" but it still makes you laugh right!? If you look closely you'll notice my hair was still red, yes, I was a redhead as a baby... Go ahead, insert jokes here.

Today's Arbor Day, woo hoo, everyone go plant a tree or two! Also, today's Friday meaning my weekend starts at 5pm sharp. This weekend will be filled with a Craft Show and then come Sweatpants Sunday I'll be enjoying a relaxing day couponing and cleaning. Tonight if it rains we're taking a farmers vaca, meaning we might actually go out to eat together, the best part, we're taking both sets of parents with us! What a great way to spend a Friday evening!!

Check out those cheeks! --->
I was quite the little ham as a lil one! Yes, I was even sporting the Wilber Czech Festival t-shirts back in 1990! I've grown up with all things Czech since back then! It's so much fun to look back at all of the memories of your childhood and realize that you may not have had all the money or toys in the world but you had all the love a child could ask for. My parents gave me unconditional love and that was way more than I could ever ask for.

This past week seems like it flew by without me having a time to grasp onto an individual day and enjoy living in the moment. Why does it seem like I'm constantly putting things off saying that I can do it later?! This next week's mine to own! I've got big plans to get some baking done and maybe try out some new recipes!

I finished up re-mulching part of my garden last night and also had enough time to plant some garlic and kohlrabi. I'm not into garlic too much but mom had extra's so I figured I could give it a go, the package has ways to store it and suggested that it can be froze for up to eight months. We don't use garlic that much but it's nice to have around, plus if we dry it out and crush it up I could potentially use it to make my own garlic salt and other vampire potions.

Until Monday everyone have a good weekend! I'll leave you with this video, a cute lil number that will always stay close to my heart. Was probably my favorite memory as a child watching tv with my dad. It was an extra special treat if me and dad would get up and sing and dance to it together while jumping around the living room! Travis and me got home one evening to discover it was on TV and I about jumped out of my seat when I saw it, he thought I was nuts. Those will be the memories I will forever cherish and remember with my dad.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

I've recently found a couple other blogs of inspiration and I felt that I should start making my blog more formal and organized. Everyone has "Wordless Wednesday's" or the "Link-Up Monday's" or "Thoughtsy Thursday's" and there's the "What I wore Wednesday's" but I have none of that, heck I'm not even organized enough to stick to one topic! Well, I feel it's time for me to start something fun! I started my "Farming on The Four's" which I plan to keep up on but I wanted something more. I wanted something that was positive and would help to encourage other's to slow down and enjoy life. I found just what I was looking for on some recent blogs!

I intend to start posting things I'm thankful for! These are the little reminders in my daily life of how God whispers "I love you" without you really knowing it. No "rules" to follow but I'd like to set a goal of being thankful for at least 20 things a week and more if possible. At first it may be difficult but with time it will come easier. So, without further rambling... HERE WE GO! (Remember to say it in the voice of that crazy guy off Ax Man)

  • The wonderful warm days we've had to get the crops planted in the fields for the farmers
  • A roof that doesn't leak over my head
  • Cabinets full of food that will supply us with endless possibilities
  • Girl Scout cookies in my desk at work for snacking
  • Enough money in my account to fill my tank with gas
  • Time spent with Trav, all 20 waking minutes of it
  • Clean clothes to wear to work each day
  • Dish Network for DVR'ing my fav shows so I can watch them when I actually have time
  • My Camelbak Waterbottle filled with yummy ice lemon water
  • The sun shining and reminding me it's a new day, a new day, a new attitude
  • Having a gorgeous day so I could lay out my mulch in the garden
  • My plants and produce growing in my garden (might be short of a miracle)
  • The babies and momma cows finally getting over their crying stage (more sleep for me)
  • The craft show I have coming up, thankful for the opportunity to go
  • Extra's that I can give away to those in need, although it may feel like time's are tough for us there's always time to give to others
  • Big fuzzy sweatshirt that I can hide in when I get home from work
  • Totes, for organizing every aspect of my life (never thought I'd be thankful for these bad boys did ya?)
  • The earth for blooming pretty flowers
  • Winning SwagBucks that I can use later in the year meaning no out-of-pocket spending on Christmas presents and other gifts
  • Hearing Trav end our phone conversations with "LuhYuh" (our quick subtle version of Love Ya)
  • The smell of fresh cut grass on our farm
  • My family and friends health to be able to stick around another day and spend some time with me
  • Travis having an extra house key because I managed to lock the house with me outside
  • An uneventful night filled with relaxing in my hammock swing
  • Ooodles of scrapbook paper to play around and make crafts with

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farming on The Four's

So, I'm wanting to start something new on my blog. I've decided to post topics about farming on the 4's (4th, 14th, 24th) to teach my non-ag friends what is all involved with our little farm and how we run it. Coincidentally today is the 24th, so you'll luckily get your first post!!

Sunday marked the first day of planting, with corn seedlings being dropped into the ground that means the official farming season of 2012 has started! I have mixed emotions about it, I love knowing that it's a new season of growth but I hate knowing that all our money is literally laying out there waiting for something good or bad to happen to it.

People who say farmer's aren't gamblers are liars, look at all the gambling they're doing by just laying a $250 bag of seed out on the ground and hoping it rains enough to make it grow! Not including the cost of all the equipment they have to invest in just to plant the seeds, fertilize the seeds and harvest the crops. It really does cost a lot of money to get started and continue to make a profit off of a farm.

With the kick-off of a new season of growth also comes a time of sleepless nights and little time spent together. I can't sum it up any better so I'm going to quote what I put on Facebook yesterday, "I'm having a serious battle with myself today, I can't decide if I should be changing my relationship status back to single. Yesterday was the first day of planting corn and I know from now until October it'll be a lot of alone nights and quality time together in the tractor. Oh, the life of a farmer's girl..." Cute right? It's the truth!!

With almost 2,500 acres worth of planting to do still I suppose it's a good thing they've started planting. Trav & Dan sell Garst seed in case you're wondering what brand of seed they're planting. They're planting with a sixteen row planter that was bought this past year. I can remember when "big" planters were ten to twelve row planters, seems like anymore people who farm to make a profit need a minimum of twelve row planters.

They have blue tractors (New Holland) so it's easy to pick them out if you are driving around the Crete/Wilber/Dorchester area as they're basically the only ones around who use blue anymore. Another recent update to the farm, a bigger tractor! Don't ask the size because I honestly can't tell you, but it's big enough that it has duals (two sets of tires on each side) on both the front and back, in my eyes, that's a BIG tractor! The tractor has eight tires, count em, eight!

So until the next "four" I'm leaving you with happy thoughts and prayers to a great crop year! I sure hope this year is stress free and we have good profits. Farming is a huge risk but I wouldn't ask Trav to trade careers, we love it. Growing up with my both of my grandpa's farming, my dad farming and now a boyfriend who farms I've surrounded myself with love and happiness of tending to the soil. The work ethics these guys have are strong and sometimes as much as I'd love for them to give me more time I know it's what they love and I would never pull someone away from something they love.

Sidenote: 100 more days until CZECH DAYS!!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Cheap FAB Score!

Check out this little gem I found while GoodWilling for old books and other craft supplies! The best part it that it was only $3! Eeek! I cannot wait to put it to use, it's in our kitchen so hoping to add our weekly meal plans and a grocery list section. The cute little rooster pins were probably my fav thing about the whole piece too. Second hand scores are always a hit or miss thing with me it seems, but this time it was a deff hit!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Freebie Friday

Here it is! Here's the latest loot of goodies! Sorry the pictures blurry but when you're in a hurry to get out the door you don't have time to get a great snapshot. This round included my P&G Booklet, an 18 Pack of Apple Cider K-Cups, some Kotex tampons, coupons for several products, my Tide Pods and some Crest mouthwash.

This was one of the smaller hauls from the past couple weeks but still loving the fact that free is for me :)

Has anyone else received any good freebies lately?!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Beautiful Banner DIY Project

So, I've seen them everywhere and have wanted to try making them forever. I set forth and gathered supplies to start making them finally! Last night between loads of laundry and dishes I had just enough time to complete a couple of the pieces for it. But first things first, here was my inspirations:

And here's my finished (kind of) project! I still have some work to do as you can tell by the picture but I just loved them all so I tried to combine everything. The flowers will be attached to the blank banner but didn't have time to get them on last night. I have intentions to make ones for each holiday but as for now with no major holidays coming up (besides today 4/20 for those of you who actually celebrate that crap). I want to create a cutsie 4th of July looking one so maybe I'll be updating you guys here in a month or so with a new one!

Here's my step-by-step's on how I made each piece for mine:

BANNER: I started out by cutting out the banners, no particular way of cutting them out, just start cutting and figure out what you like the best. I liked the ones that had the V shape on the bottom but I'd like to make just the simple ones that are triangle shaped also.
  • Once you've got the shape cut out fold a "flap" at the top, this is where the string will loop through
  • Cut a sting long enough to hold the whole banner, then simple lay in the folded section of the papers you cut and folded
  • Place a small piece of tape to hold the banner in place
  • Fold the flap over and tape it down

HEARTS: Next I worked on the hearts. I cut out one inch strips, you'll need at least six strips for each heart.
  • Start out by cutting the strips at three different lengths. You'll want two of each length so you can do both sides of the heart.
  • The next thing you need to do is have three strips facing one way (so you can read them) and three facing upside down. 
  • Now you'll take the six pieces, gather them all together and staple them together. Picture two shows what they'll look like once they're stapled together. It shows them spread out but you'll end up having them all stapled together in a straight line.
  • Now you'll pull the two smallest pieces together to form a heart, holding on to those two pieces do the same with the other two hearts, once you've gathered all three hearts together then staple all six pieces again. 

FLOWERS: These were the easiest part! You just simply cut out two-three layers of flowers, bend them up to make them look not so crisp and then add a button to the middle. Simple and really dress it up!

Then attach all of the pieces you just created together. That's it, simple! So has anyone else made some of these for themselves? Cute, simple and really dress things up! Have every intention to make many more!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here Comes The GRAD!

Well, it's finally time my little sis is finally walking across the stage. Seems like only a couple months ago I can remember getting a picture for the newspaper because my sis was the New Year's Baby of '94 and was born in dad's truck on the way to the hospital (she never was a patient person). Or the time we were fixing up one of our old barn's so we could make money off of a petting zoo. Although we never did get along when it comes to major milestones or events we always find a way back to each other to lend a hand if needed. Hence the reason for this post...

For this graduation thing I've been put in charge of the decorations so here's what I've pulled together so far. The graduation colors are yellow and black so I'm trying to find a way to incorporate those along with zebra print (one of her fav's) into the design elements. I think so far I've nailed it! We're trying to make this look great but stick to a budget (or as cheap as possible) so I'm finding a ton of great simple decor things at Goodwill's that I can mix and match with other things we've bought!

What started the craziness was that mom me and went to Lincoln to get our nails done. She mentioned that Chrissy needed decorations for her graduation and this is where the brainstorming started. I tried explaining it all to mom but she just didn't get my idea that I had built up in my head. Instead I spotted that bright yellow scarf (in the left towards the middle of the photo) and that was where it started. Once she saw my idea she instantly got it and the craziness started!

If you can imagine me and my mom let loose in a fabric store with no budget that's kind of what the image looked like for the rest of the day. Running here and there, getting excited over small glass containers and yellow beads... yup that was us!

One of my main intentions is to get millions of sweet cheap glass jars/vases and decorate them, I'm talking bling out, zebra out, yellow out them like crazy! The flowers and stuff I got will not all be in that one vase but will be scattered everywhere. Some I will pull off of the stems while others will be left on the stems and used as actual arrangements. I didn't start working on the glasswares yet because I want to see all of the items before I begin. I'm a visual person and need ALL of the items in front of me to make a masterpiece.

To be honest, I'm excited to be in charge of this project, it's one thing I can be creative on and I won't be over-thinking as it's not for me. I'm such a hard critique on myself so it's fun to be making something for someone else and put my creativity to the test. Tonight we're heading back up to Lincoln to get the rest of the goodies and hoping I can work on it this weekend. I can't believe that graduation is less than THREE weeks away?!

Here are some more pics of some progress, we'll see just how great it all turns out later ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tornado Warnings!

With all of the bad weather we were expected to get this past weekend and tornado season just around the corner I took the time to create a "survival kit" for us to keep in the basement. I know the kit wouldn't really save us if a catastropic situation arose but I'd like to think it'd help out in an emergency situation. I personally do not believe in the whole the world is ending crap (see the article on Apocalypse if needed) but I do believe that you should be prepared for emergency situations at all times. Ether it be a terrorist attack, a snow storm or a tornado it's something to be considered. So here's a list of SOME of the things I had time to throw together, I have more things I'd like to add just don't have all of them quite yet, and I'm gonna need another tote!

Some food things we threw together were things we know would have a decent shelf life. I plan on every year adding new food items to our kit and checking the dates on the items that are already in there. When I first started gathering foods I tried thinking of things that would require no cooking. I found that ramen noodles were a no brainer and although you'd need some heat you could make up a fire out of the matches provided and all the firewood that would probably be "floating" around in our basement. Along with the noodles I included some juice boxes, spaghettio's, soups, some individual cups of corn, pudding, applesauce and jellos. There is also some fun dips (Trav loves them, stupid but gotta find something a little sweet to add to the kit), granola bars, tuna packets, pre-cooked rice packets, gum, pop-tarts and I threw in some powder mixes for water bottles. Of course there was some bottled water (some suggest up to two weeks worth of supply, I didn't add THAT much) and an eight pack of juice boxes packed. Don't forget to add in some utinsels to eat the food with and a couple bowls, cups and a pan or pot to cook things in, of course add in a can opener (if you have canned goods in your kit)!!

Another thought I had was to add some sanitizer wipes along with other things that would help make us feel "clean" in an emergency. Paper towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, band-aids, brushes/combs, ponytails, bobby pins, feminine products if needed, towel, shampoo, baby wipes, razor, deodorant, a cheap first-aid kit from the $1 bins at Wally-World.

These are some of the staples of a kit that are needed, as you can see mine is missing quite a few as I didn't have the time to gather all of them but rest assured they will get added to the kit! I will include: whistle, notebook, pens, permanent markets, flashlights, extra batteries, matches, duck tape, money (coins & bills), glow sticks, spare set of keys for each vehicle.

CLOTHING: My thinking, have a "His and Her's" backpack to throw these items into. They sit in the bedroom under the bed all packed and if an emergency situation arose we could easily grab them and take them downstairs with us. Since we use the items in these bags the most I wanted to keep them at easy access. I threw in one of everything so it could get us through each situation or season of the year. A pair of jeans, sweatpants, gym shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, undies, bras(women only on that one), socks (at least 3-4 pairs per person), a pair of flip flops, some sneakers, our mud boots (which are usually in the basement anyways) and our regular cowboy boots are what we plan to throw on our feet while hiding from the disastrous world. I choose to pack at least 2-3 of everything in these bags, very full but at least we'd have clothing to fit us if the Armageddon were to come.

Blanket: You should already have plenty of these waiting downstairs to cover up with but make sure you put some inside of an airtight container (or tote like I did) that way you have a dry one to use.
Emergency Radio: Make sure this is obviously battery operated! It'll come in handy when the electricity decides to go out.
Candles: Will be useful when the electricity's out!
Scrapbook: A great tip I found while searching is to include things like a mini scrapbook of memories, potentially if your house is torn to shreds those tiny keepsakes will make a difference to your future potentially. Also, it could help if someone were to go missing.
Camera: This would be helpful to take pictures of the damage immediately after the situation happened. That way you can send it to insurance and other places, also to have a keepsake for yourself of what really happened.
Recent Bills: Keeping a recent utility bill to prove that the location that got hit is yours, this would help with moving along a little quicker in the process with insurance because you can prove that you live there.
Board Games: If you get bored while waiting the weather out this could help pass time. Just make sure to have a friend or family member with you so you can practice your skills!
Jugs of Water: Yes, you'll still want bottled water but a quick jug of water could help to wash things off or clean things if needed, we've got tons of them laying around so I just grabbed a couple and filled them up right before we were to head downstairs.

So here's a wrap up of what our tote looked like this weekend. I'll add updated pictures as soon as I finish it up but it's at least a start. I feel a little safer knowing that we are prepared at least a little bit for bad weather, I guess let tornado season begin!

*I based some of the things I want to place in our kit off of different sites I looked at, like this one, How to Make a Tornado Survival Kit and this one had some other great info I used also,

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Brand New Grill

I have found a new love, grilling! Although Trav has sold Green Mountain Pellet Grills for over two years we haven't owned one until now. We brought one home and just had to try it out last night so here's what we made!

We did buttered bacon wrapped asparagus, steaks with mushrooms and onions, roasted potatoes and a blooming onion. Oh goodness was it delicious!

We choose not to marinate the steaks but I'd really like to try a couple different marinades if anyone would be willing to give away their secrets. I have found a couple different ones to try out on Pinterest but even just seasoned with spices they're yummy enough!!

So, what did you have for a Sunday supper? Anyone else grill in that crazy windy weather we had?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Meatball Problems!!

Creative title eh? If you're a fan of J-Shore you'll know exactly what that meant and the voice to say it in ;)

Mmmm! Lookie what we had for supper last night :) I found one of those quick/easy recipes for meatballs so I gave it a try! Then we threw together some garlic bread (Trav eats it as if the stuff is goin out of style faster than Justin Bieber) and some green beans from our garden that we had left in our freezer from last summer!!

I also made some other yummy treats but I'm still finalizing those recipe's for you guys so I won't post them yet. I've found a bunch of really cool quick mix recipes for things that we use a lot. No more buying box mixes!

The meat ball recipe was simple: bag of frozen meatballs, jar of grape jelly and a bottle of ketchup. That's it! Simple, you mix it all together, throw it in the crock pot for two hours and then serve! I like to turn mine on low after those two hours to try to get the mixture set up and get a little thicker but it's just as good when you eat it right away. Trav was really surprised to know that I had jelly in their and when I told him, at first he was worried it would taste funny. These are the best football meatballs, you know the ones that you'd take to a super bowl party and everyone will stand around and eat while chatting, yup these are it!

On another note, I have given up hope on that darn dog! He has dug hole after hole in the same spots several times. I'm to the point on not caring but I did think it was cute when Travis went and tried covering up the pups tracks yesterday evening. He thought that if I didn't see the holes that I wouldn't yell at him but I noticed. Thanks for covering for him Trav but that dog is still in deep doo-doo!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

He's All Mine :)

<---- That's MY boy!! He's great, and extremely supportive. Did I mention that I finally found someone who is as big as a goofball as me? We may not see each other as much as we'd like but that's ok. The time we do get to spend together we find ourselves laughing and enjoying each others company.

This past weekend we were busy prepping everything for planting season! Never in a million years did I expect to spend my Easter Sunday grabbing a quick bite to eat and heading out to wean off calves. It was actually kind of fun spending Easter with Trav and his family sorting off calves. We also spent alot of the weekend pulling up old fence and removing a bunch of trees in fields so we could gain a couple more feet of farmable ground. Those farmers, always trying to gain a little more ground I tell ya! ;)

With all of that taking up most my weekend I was lucky to spend a little bit of time before the sun went down with my flowers each evening. I love this time of year because I can actually see my accomplishments start to show! Here are some quick pic's of some of my blooming plants!! Below are pictures of plants including: Columbines, Bleeding Hearts, Black/Dark Purple Tulips, and a mysterious purple flower.

Now it's back to boring weekdays. Trav's been busy getting the planter and tractors ready to start planting still so I haven't seen much of him. It seems like anymore our usual routine is to make supper, shower and head to bed (trying to fall asleep), without him. He gets home around eleven or twelve, bangs around (making lots of noise) and wakes me up, I then stay up until he decides to finally lay down. I hate that he gets home around the same time I'm attempting to go to bed because it never fails his loud noises wake me up. Last night I made lasagna and he of course felt the urge to use tin foil to wrap it up, at 12:30 am!?! You wonder why I don't get to bed early, I blame that boy for it!! Have a happy hump day friends :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting Creative

Hello, my name is Kelsey and I'm addicted to Pinterest... Seems like I could insert a lot of things into that sentence right? But really, whoever invented Pinterest is probably a billionaire by now. I have come to notice many easy projects so I decided to try one.

Yup, nailed it didn't I?! hehe These little things I seem to enjoy. I like finding others ideas and stealing borrowing them. I would have never thought to take such simple things floating around my house and make it a cute display. Instead of shoving them in the back of my baking cupboard I can leave them out for everyone to see and I might actually use them more. Here's a better picture of how all of the jars from our grandparents and parents that we have displayed and are now useful in our kitchen.

Don't they look cute? We stuck straws in one, cupcake liners, tickets from games/concerts, drink mix packets, and condiment packets (cause we all have them and they work great for my lunches that I take to work). I thought this little project was super simple and turned out kind of neat. Makes the things we use accessible and also looks more appealing that those darn industrial looking Oxo containers.

Next projects: Quick Mixes

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baking Day!

This weekend I had a little free time and decided I needed to pull the Kitchen-aid out and actually use it. So I started out with making a couple different things. I was impressed with how fast I finished up all of these projects and I even did my own dishes, I can only imagine how surprised Trav was to come home and see goodies made and no dishes to stuff into the dishwasher. Here's a couple of the recipes I did:

1 cup flour
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 cup margarine (softened)
2 eggs

2 tablespoons flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 cup sugar

Mix one cup flour, 1/2 cup powdered sugar and 1/2 cup softened margarine together and pat lightly into an 8X8 inch pan. Bake in 350 degree oven for 15 minutes. Beat two eggs, add lemon juice, sugar, flour and baking powdered to eggs. Mix and pour over the crust. Bake in 350 degree oven for 25 minutes. Loosen edges and cut into bars while warm. Enjoy :)

2 1/2 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup brown sugar (firmly packed)
3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
1/3 cup milk
1 1/4 cup mashed bananas (2-3 medium ones)
1 egg
1 cup chopped walnuts

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Grease bottom only of loaf pan. Mix all ingredients, beating for 30 seconds. Pout into pan, bake 55-65 minutes until toothpick in center comes out clean. Cool slightly, loosen from pan and remove from pan to cooling rack. Cool completely before slicing. Store wrapped in refrigerator for no longer than one week or freeze for later use.

These are super simple!

Basically, just take a box of brownie mix, make according to directions. Then, make a box of cookie mix, I choose chocolate chip cookies, and then make it according to directions. Once you've got both mixed up, drop the brownie mix into the pan and spread it across the whole bottom. Take your cookie dough and drop spoonfuls on top of the brownies. I actually made cookies also so it wouldn't have as much cookie dough in the mix but you can choose to use it all if you'd like!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Freebies Friday

So, it's been a couple weeks and thought you guys would be interested in seeing what I've recently gotten in the mail. It's so exciting to get a new freebie in the mail, some are small but they're still fun to open and it's great getting products that I otherwise would have never tried. Quite impressed with the amount of bigger items! I have a 12 pack of K-Cups and a full size Venus razor including a refill! Also a ton of free item coupons, they're not the products but it's easier for companies to send the coupons for free items instead of paying the actual shipping for the item themselves. (thinkers aren't they?!) Here's a picture of some of the things I've gotten lately.

Friday, April 6, 2012

W.T.E.G.E.S. <(Work, Tan, Exercise, Garden, Eat, Sleep)>

That's basically what my life has been about it seems like here lately. I rush, rush, rush to get to the next "duty" in life and I forget to live in the moment, to love life for what I have right now. A ton of things have been going and even though I took this quarter off (they didn't have the three classes I need to finish up the second degree this quarter) but I feel like even without classes life is stressful right now. What really bothers me though, is that everyone in this world is doing what I've been doing, they've all been too busy to really get into touch with reality or more importantly get in touch with God and follow his word.

This past week has been hectic, like every week in my life. I ended up having to re-landscape several times... That darn dog is in so much trouble right now he doesn't even deserve to be in a doghouse, he gets to sleep outside in the rain for all I care! On Wednesday he decided he still didn't like the way I added new landscaping to the yard so he dug up another area. I proceeded to re-landscape it Thursday evening while scolding him and trying to explain that he shouldn't be doing that. Friday morning (today) I came outside to help run gates for Travis while he fed cattle only to discover that yet again, the dog wanted to landscape it HIS way, this time not in the same spot but in TWO different spots!! What a pain, I mean really?! 

I'm so sick and tired of having to re-landscape his work that he wasn't asked to do in the first place. If anyone has any ideas on how to prevent him from doing this please shoot me some ideas. The spray I bought didn't work so now we're going to attempt some pepper and garlic, since they were the active ingredients in the mix. I've come up with another idea that is a little bit more harsh but hopefully he'll get the point. Before you call PETA on me hear me out, I'm going to place some taller nails pointy side up in the area's that he's been digging. I don't want to send him to the vet but I do want him to associate digging in those spots with pain from getting poked, hopefully he'll realize that it's not his personal digging playground area. After all, we've got a WHOLE FARM he can go dig on, why must he choose by my landscape to do it!?

Last night between running Trav from the sprayer by Crete to the Semi near Wilber and watering the garden I had a little free time. I decided to sit down and work on some couponing. I will be totally honest with you guys, I have been slacking here lately. It seems that after the weather got nice I kind of abandoned that ship and jumped onboard of the being outside one. I was just too excited to get outside and workout and get some of the much needed yard work/landscaping done. But anyways, while catching up on all of my coupons I ran across a TON of great high value ones that have been in the paper these past couple of weeks. An example of a great one is the Purex $2 one. If you're like me and not picky on which detergent you use then this along with a price match can really result in a great deal. I cannot believe I let my binders get so far behind on couponing, it took awhile but now that I'm caught up I know it'll take less time when I need to find a quick Q (coupon) to use. Jeez, now I see why parents of kids typically don't have the time to spend couponing!

Easter Time!

Easter is a time for all of us to think about how much Jesus sacrificed for us and his resurrection. It's also a time to spend with family and get a bunch of extra belly fat candy stored up before we do a hardcore boot camp for our summer bodies. Another fav for the spring season is all of the pretty flowers that start blooming! (check out some of my blooming items on my Terrific Temps post.)

I always enjoy watching the movie The Passion of The Christ right before Easter every year. It really puts everything back into perspective for me and although the reviews on this site say it was only given 84% positive reviews I think it's a good movie to watch. It is extremely gory but it's based upon an event that was probably even more gory and gruesome in person. Back then they way they prosecuted people was a lot different and inhuman compared to the "laws" we must follow these days. As a parent I'm not sure I would feel comfortable showing it to my kids but I was 14 when I went and watched it in theaters. I can still remember not being able to watch parts of it as it was just too much for me and back then I didn't grasp half of what was really going on in the movie. But now, now I have learned a ton through it and really think that if you are a Christian it can really help you to understand how much Jesus scarified for us. Physically watching it all unfold on a screen compared to someone trying to explain it really helped me to see the deeper meaning.

I have recently tried to eat less and less of the fatty goodness that surrounds us and eat a little healthier. This holiday, along with all the others, is of course filled with candies that kids expect in their Easter baskets. Well, as of now (pre-kids) I'm thinking I want to try to do other things to avoid the hyper-active sugar-y filled crashes. Here is a site with a TON of Easter Basket Gift Ideas that would be great to try! My biggest weakness for Easter food would probably be these bad boys. They're so yummy and unhealthy I cannot help the urge! Besides, everyone's got to indulge in bad habits once in awhile right?! I'm proud to say that as of today, two days before Easter, I have only had TWO!

Not to disappoint anyone, here's a link about today, Good Friday! The Meaning of 'Good Friday' It has some info I never knew about, how they pick the date, which is based off of two different "strands" of Christianity. That's the wonders of having faith, you're constantly evolving and learning new things about the one you love and worship. :)

Cute isn't it!? Wouldn't it be fun to make