Friday, April 20, 2012

Beautiful Banner DIY Project

So, I've seen them everywhere and have wanted to try making them forever. I set forth and gathered supplies to start making them finally! Last night between loads of laundry and dishes I had just enough time to complete a couple of the pieces for it. But first things first, here was my inspirations:

And here's my finished (kind of) project! I still have some work to do as you can tell by the picture but I just loved them all so I tried to combine everything. The flowers will be attached to the blank banner but didn't have time to get them on last night. I have intentions to make ones for each holiday but as for now with no major holidays coming up (besides today 4/20 for those of you who actually celebrate that crap). I want to create a cutsie 4th of July looking one so maybe I'll be updating you guys here in a month or so with a new one!

Here's my step-by-step's on how I made each piece for mine:

BANNER: I started out by cutting out the banners, no particular way of cutting them out, just start cutting and figure out what you like the best. I liked the ones that had the V shape on the bottom but I'd like to make just the simple ones that are triangle shaped also.
  • Once you've got the shape cut out fold a "flap" at the top, this is where the string will loop through
  • Cut a sting long enough to hold the whole banner, then simple lay in the folded section of the papers you cut and folded
  • Place a small piece of tape to hold the banner in place
  • Fold the flap over and tape it down

HEARTS: Next I worked on the hearts. I cut out one inch strips, you'll need at least six strips for each heart.
  • Start out by cutting the strips at three different lengths. You'll want two of each length so you can do both sides of the heart.
  • The next thing you need to do is have three strips facing one way (so you can read them) and three facing upside down. 
  • Now you'll take the six pieces, gather them all together and staple them together. Picture two shows what they'll look like once they're stapled together. It shows them spread out but you'll end up having them all stapled together in a straight line.
  • Now you'll pull the two smallest pieces together to form a heart, holding on to those two pieces do the same with the other two hearts, once you've gathered all three hearts together then staple all six pieces again. 

FLOWERS: These were the easiest part! You just simply cut out two-three layers of flowers, bend them up to make them look not so crisp and then add a button to the middle. Simple and really dress it up!

Then attach all of the pieces you just created together. That's it, simple! So has anyone else made some of these for themselves? Cute, simple and really dress things up! Have every intention to make many more!!

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