Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Time!

Easter is a time for all of us to think about how much Jesus sacrificed for us and his resurrection. It's also a time to spend with family and get a bunch of extra belly fat candy stored up before we do a hardcore boot camp for our summer bodies. Another fav for the spring season is all of the pretty flowers that start blooming! (check out some of my blooming items on my Terrific Temps post.)

I always enjoy watching the movie The Passion of The Christ right before Easter every year. It really puts everything back into perspective for me and although the reviews on this site say it was only given 84% positive reviews I think it's a good movie to watch. It is extremely gory but it's based upon an event that was probably even more gory and gruesome in person. Back then they way they prosecuted people was a lot different and inhuman compared to the "laws" we must follow these days. As a parent I'm not sure I would feel comfortable showing it to my kids but I was 14 when I went and watched it in theaters. I can still remember not being able to watch parts of it as it was just too much for me and back then I didn't grasp half of what was really going on in the movie. But now, now I have learned a ton through it and really think that if you are a Christian it can really help you to understand how much Jesus scarified for us. Physically watching it all unfold on a screen compared to someone trying to explain it really helped me to see the deeper meaning.

I have recently tried to eat less and less of the fatty goodness that surrounds us and eat a little healthier. This holiday, along with all the others, is of course filled with candies that kids expect in their Easter baskets. Well, as of now (pre-kids) I'm thinking I want to try to do other things to avoid the hyper-active sugar-y filled crashes. Here is a site with a TON of Easter Basket Gift Ideas that would be great to try! My biggest weakness for Easter food would probably be these bad boys. They're so yummy and unhealthy I cannot help the urge! Besides, everyone's got to indulge in bad habits once in awhile right?! I'm proud to say that as of today, two days before Easter, I have only had TWO!

Not to disappoint anyone, here's a link about today, Good Friday! The Meaning of 'Good Friday' It has some info I never knew about, how they pick the date, which is based off of two different "strands" of Christianity. That's the wonders of having faith, you're constantly evolving and learning new things about the one you love and worship. :)

Cute isn't it!? Wouldn't it be fun to make


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