Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Farming on The Four's

So, I'm wanting to start something new on my blog. I've decided to post topics about farming on the 4's (4th, 14th, 24th) to teach my non-ag friends what is all involved with our little farm and how we run it. Coincidentally today is the 24th, so you'll luckily get your first post!!

Sunday marked the first day of planting, with corn seedlings being dropped into the ground that means the official farming season of 2012 has started! I have mixed emotions about it, I love knowing that it's a new season of growth but I hate knowing that all our money is literally laying out there waiting for something good or bad to happen to it.

People who say farmer's aren't gamblers are liars, look at all the gambling they're doing by just laying a $250 bag of seed out on the ground and hoping it rains enough to make it grow! Not including the cost of all the equipment they have to invest in just to plant the seeds, fertilize the seeds and harvest the crops. It really does cost a lot of money to get started and continue to make a profit off of a farm.

With the kick-off of a new season of growth also comes a time of sleepless nights and little time spent together. I can't sum it up any better so I'm going to quote what I put on Facebook yesterday, "I'm having a serious battle with myself today, I can't decide if I should be changing my relationship status back to single. Yesterday was the first day of planting corn and I know from now until October it'll be a lot of alone nights and quality time together in the tractor. Oh, the life of a farmer's girl..." Cute right? It's the truth!!

With almost 2,500 acres worth of planting to do still I suppose it's a good thing they've started planting. Trav & Dan sell Garst seed in case you're wondering what brand of seed they're planting. They're planting with a sixteen row planter that was bought this past year. I can remember when "big" planters were ten to twelve row planters, seems like anymore people who farm to make a profit need a minimum of twelve row planters.

They have blue tractors (New Holland) so it's easy to pick them out if you are driving around the Crete/Wilber/Dorchester area as they're basically the only ones around who use blue anymore. Another recent update to the farm, a bigger tractor! Don't ask the size because I honestly can't tell you, but it's big enough that it has duals (two sets of tires on each side) on both the front and back, in my eyes, that's a BIG tractor! The tractor has eight tires, count em, eight!

So until the next "four" I'm leaving you with happy thoughts and prayers to a great crop year! I sure hope this year is stress free and we have good profits. Farming is a huge risk but I wouldn't ask Trav to trade careers, we love it. Growing up with my both of my grandpa's farming, my dad farming and now a boyfriend who farms I've surrounded myself with love and happiness of tending to the soil. The work ethics these guys have are strong and sometimes as much as I'd love for them to give me more time I know it's what they love and I would never pull someone away from something they love.

Sidenote: 100 more days until CZECH DAYS!!!

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