Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Getting Creative

Hello, my name is Kelsey and I'm addicted to Pinterest... Seems like I could insert a lot of things into that sentence right? But really, whoever invented Pinterest is probably a billionaire by now. I have come to notice many easy projects so I decided to try one.

Yup, nailed it didn't I?! hehe These little things I seem to enjoy. I like finding others ideas and stealing borrowing them. I would have never thought to take such simple things floating around my house and make it a cute display. Instead of shoving them in the back of my baking cupboard I can leave them out for everyone to see and I might actually use them more. Here's a better picture of how all of the jars from our grandparents and parents that we have displayed and are now useful in our kitchen.

Don't they look cute? We stuck straws in one, cupcake liners, tickets from games/concerts, drink mix packets, and condiment packets (cause we all have them and they work great for my lunches that I take to work). I thought this little project was super simple and turned out kind of neat. Makes the things we use accessible and also looks more appealing that those darn industrial looking Oxo containers.

Next projects: Quick Mixes

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