Thursday, April 19, 2012

Here Comes The GRAD!

Well, it's finally time my little sis is finally walking across the stage. Seems like only a couple months ago I can remember getting a picture for the newspaper because my sis was the New Year's Baby of '94 and was born in dad's truck on the way to the hospital (she never was a patient person). Or the time we were fixing up one of our old barn's so we could make money off of a petting zoo. Although we never did get along when it comes to major milestones or events we always find a way back to each other to lend a hand if needed. Hence the reason for this post...

For this graduation thing I've been put in charge of the decorations so here's what I've pulled together so far. The graduation colors are yellow and black so I'm trying to find a way to incorporate those along with zebra print (one of her fav's) into the design elements. I think so far I've nailed it! We're trying to make this look great but stick to a budget (or as cheap as possible) so I'm finding a ton of great simple decor things at Goodwill's that I can mix and match with other things we've bought!

What started the craziness was that mom me and went to Lincoln to get our nails done. She mentioned that Chrissy needed decorations for her graduation and this is where the brainstorming started. I tried explaining it all to mom but she just didn't get my idea that I had built up in my head. Instead I spotted that bright yellow scarf (in the left towards the middle of the photo) and that was where it started. Once she saw my idea she instantly got it and the craziness started!

If you can imagine me and my mom let loose in a fabric store with no budget that's kind of what the image looked like for the rest of the day. Running here and there, getting excited over small glass containers and yellow beads... yup that was us!

One of my main intentions is to get millions of sweet cheap glass jars/vases and decorate them, I'm talking bling out, zebra out, yellow out them like crazy! The flowers and stuff I got will not all be in that one vase but will be scattered everywhere. Some I will pull off of the stems while others will be left on the stems and used as actual arrangements. I didn't start working on the glasswares yet because I want to see all of the items before I begin. I'm a visual person and need ALL of the items in front of me to make a masterpiece.

To be honest, I'm excited to be in charge of this project, it's one thing I can be creative on and I won't be over-thinking as it's not for me. I'm such a hard critique on myself so it's fun to be making something for someone else and put my creativity to the test. Tonight we're heading back up to Lincoln to get the rest of the goodies and hoping I can work on it this weekend. I can't believe that graduation is less than THREE weeks away?!

Here are some more pics of some progress, we'll see just how great it all turns out later ;)

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