Thursday, April 12, 2012

He's All Mine :)

<---- That's MY boy!! He's great, and extremely supportive. Did I mention that I finally found someone who is as big as a goofball as me? We may not see each other as much as we'd like but that's ok. The time we do get to spend together we find ourselves laughing and enjoying each others company.

This past weekend we were busy prepping everything for planting season! Never in a million years did I expect to spend my Easter Sunday grabbing a quick bite to eat and heading out to wean off calves. It was actually kind of fun spending Easter with Trav and his family sorting off calves. We also spent alot of the weekend pulling up old fence and removing a bunch of trees in fields so we could gain a couple more feet of farmable ground. Those farmers, always trying to gain a little more ground I tell ya! ;)

With all of that taking up most my weekend I was lucky to spend a little bit of time before the sun went down with my flowers each evening. I love this time of year because I can actually see my accomplishments start to show! Here are some quick pic's of some of my blooming plants!! Below are pictures of plants including: Columbines, Bleeding Hearts, Black/Dark Purple Tulips, and a mysterious purple flower.

Now it's back to boring weekdays. Trav's been busy getting the planter and tractors ready to start planting still so I haven't seen much of him. It seems like anymore our usual routine is to make supper, shower and head to bed (trying to fall asleep), without him. He gets home around eleven or twelve, bangs around (making lots of noise) and wakes me up, I then stay up until he decides to finally lay down. I hate that he gets home around the same time I'm attempting to go to bed because it never fails his loud noises wake me up. Last night I made lasagna and he of course felt the urge to use tin foil to wrap it up, at 12:30 am!?! You wonder why I don't get to bed early, I blame that boy for it!! Have a happy hump day friends :)

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