Monday, April 2, 2012

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mine, well it has yet to be started...

Evidently the old saying that the mechanics vehicles get serviced last, yup that's true. The farmer's crops get planted last also.

We did however have a weekend filled with prepping the garden area and re-landscaping by the house. We had fun working together to get the new landscape set up. We had this issue with the slope slanting towards the house too much and it just needed more dirt to fill in the holes where the dog and kitties like to lay. We then tried laying water soaked newspapers down in hopes to prevent weeds from popping up and finally added some new cocoa brown mulch (that was on sale at Orschelns!). After re-adding the misc pots and other items I'm planning on planting flowers in, the project was finished!

We still had time to start working on the rather desolate garden area. So, off to work we went! While Travis was working with the tiller and getting the garden tilled up I took the time to brush out the rather dirty ponies. They loved the attention and the winter thick hair was ready to leave them. I cannot believe how much extra hair those little boogers can build up! A little TLC and they looked like new, I fly sprayed them and then went to help Trav finish up the garden area. I did however turn around to see them rolling around in the dirt trying to get all of the fly spray off... What is it with animals and thinking that once I spray them or clean them they need to roll around in the dirt?

All in all, I would say that this weekend was once again all about accomplishing things and I am extremely blessed I can do projects like this, sometimes alone, sometimes with Trav's help. I am thankful that Trav has SOME time he can help me with things and I have learned to enjoy the time we do have together. Farming is a tough career and anyone who tells you it's easy has obviously not grown up around a farm. Our cute little farm is growing and it's so fun to watch us evolve together. So as for me, my boy, my ponies, kitties and Red, we'll enjoy a wonderful weekend together doing work and find time to have fun later!!

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