Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Landscaping and Re-Landscaping

<----- Cute right? Think again!

Remember how proud I was in my last post, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well, the dog wasn't as proud of our new landscaping job as we were... So he took it upon himself to go ahead and re-landscape it all for us while we were working yesterday.

We were both so proud of the time we actually spent working out this landscape because we knew it was something that needed to get done. Plus we knew that it would potentially help with the occasional leaking we have when we get huge rainstorms.

So when Trav told me to call him at ten til five I figured he wanted me to pick him up some parts or something. I give him a call and his exact words, "I know you'll be upset but Bubba (that's his nickname) decided to dig a hole in our landscape we just did. I already told him he's in big trouble and he knows it but then I warned him that he would get it a lot worse when you got home."

I really just laughed and figured that he'd dug a small hole and only scratched the surface and didn't dig down into the actual dirt. He usually pushes the mulch around to get to dirt as it's cooler than the hot surface so no biggie right?

<---- This is what I was greeted with! A GIANT HOLE! Oh I was not happy at all with that lil brat! I know he didn't mean harm of course but by golly, the day after we finished actually attempting to make it look nice he has to dig it all up! If this is what kids are all about I'm not sure I'll have the patience.

The hardest part for me was being stern and serious. After he tucked his tail and hid on the north side of the house I couldn't help but want to go and pet him and try to explain how much work I had put into that landscape and how upset it made me. I knew being mad wasn't going to solve any problems but I knew that by letting him think it wasn't a huge deal wouldn't prove anything either. Ugh!

I finished up re-landscaping it for the second time and then sprayed a bunch of that "dog/cat stay away spray" you can buy at Orschelns. I guess for $10 I might have scored a good deal or I might have wasted $10. The funny thing was that it actually attracted the cats and dogs, oddly, after I sprayed it they were walking around everywhere in the beds trying to figure out what the smell was. Although I was still mad, Red walked over to my plant, sniffed it and then lifted his leg to PEE on my plant! I once again screamed at him and he took off. I just don't understand what this dog is thinking sometimes!? Once he came back to sniff around again (like 20 seconds later) he walked right up to the bottle of spray and licked it, I sure hope whatever in it A) tastes really bad and he'll learn to stay away and B) isn't toxic, otherwise we'll have bigger issues than a big hole in our landscaping. I guess when I go home from work tonight I'll tell you how it turns out.

Here are some pictures of how the landscaping turned out after I fixed our little issue.

On another note, I started on my garden!! I got some potatoes, onions and radishes started last night and tonight hopefully I can finish up with some more yummies! Let's hope tonight when I go home there is no new landscaping done.

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