Friday, April 13, 2012

Meatball Problems!!

Creative title eh? If you're a fan of J-Shore you'll know exactly what that meant and the voice to say it in ;)

Mmmm! Lookie what we had for supper last night :) I found one of those quick/easy recipes for meatballs so I gave it a try! Then we threw together some garlic bread (Trav eats it as if the stuff is goin out of style faster than Justin Bieber) and some green beans from our garden that we had left in our freezer from last summer!!

I also made some other yummy treats but I'm still finalizing those recipe's for you guys so I won't post them yet. I've found a bunch of really cool quick mix recipes for things that we use a lot. No more buying box mixes!

The meat ball recipe was simple: bag of frozen meatballs, jar of grape jelly and a bottle of ketchup. That's it! Simple, you mix it all together, throw it in the crock pot for two hours and then serve! I like to turn mine on low after those two hours to try to get the mixture set up and get a little thicker but it's just as good when you eat it right away. Trav was really surprised to know that I had jelly in their and when I told him, at first he was worried it would taste funny. These are the best football meatballs, you know the ones that you'd take to a super bowl party and everyone will stand around and eat while chatting, yup these are it!

On another note, I have given up hope on that darn dog! He has dug hole after hole in the same spots several times. I'm to the point on not caring but I did think it was cute when Travis went and tried covering up the pups tracks yesterday evening. He thought that if I didn't see the holes that I wouldn't yell at him but I noticed. Thanks for covering for him Trav but that dog is still in deep doo-doo!!

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