Friday, April 27, 2012

Remembing the "Good Ol Days"

<--- Looks like the "thinking" didn't work for me. Silly how even back when I was two, society was telling me to "think tall" just to fit it. I don't blame my parents for this, I'm sure it was meant as a harmless joke beings both of my parents are under 6'9" but it still makes you laugh right!? If you look closely you'll notice my hair was still red, yes, I was a redhead as a baby... Go ahead, insert jokes here.

Today's Arbor Day, woo hoo, everyone go plant a tree or two! Also, today's Friday meaning my weekend starts at 5pm sharp. This weekend will be filled with a Craft Show and then come Sweatpants Sunday I'll be enjoying a relaxing day couponing and cleaning. Tonight if it rains we're taking a farmers vaca, meaning we might actually go out to eat together, the best part, we're taking both sets of parents with us! What a great way to spend a Friday evening!!

Check out those cheeks! --->
I was quite the little ham as a lil one! Yes, I was even sporting the Wilber Czech Festival t-shirts back in 1990! I've grown up with all things Czech since back then! It's so much fun to look back at all of the memories of your childhood and realize that you may not have had all the money or toys in the world but you had all the love a child could ask for. My parents gave me unconditional love and that was way more than I could ever ask for.

This past week seems like it flew by without me having a time to grasp onto an individual day and enjoy living in the moment. Why does it seem like I'm constantly putting things off saying that I can do it later?! This next week's mine to own! I've got big plans to get some baking done and maybe try out some new recipes!

I finished up re-mulching part of my garden last night and also had enough time to plant some garlic and kohlrabi. I'm not into garlic too much but mom had extra's so I figured I could give it a go, the package has ways to store it and suggested that it can be froze for up to eight months. We don't use garlic that much but it's nice to have around, plus if we dry it out and crush it up I could potentially use it to make my own garlic salt and other vampire potions.

Until Monday everyone have a good weekend! I'll leave you with this video, a cute lil number that will always stay close to my heart. Was probably my favorite memory as a child watching tv with my dad. It was an extra special treat if me and dad would get up and sing and dance to it together while jumping around the living room! Travis and me got home one evening to discover it was on TV and I about jumped out of my seat when I saw it, he thought I was nuts. Those will be the memories I will forever cherish and remember with my dad.


  1. LOL - for you Lawrence Welk was a treat. For me, it was torture! I think it was on Sunday though, so it probably led into whatever the Disney movie of the week was. I'm popping in via the #TALU, but this may be my one and only visit ... you're not into garlic?!?!?! That's blasphemy!! ;)

  2. awwww - such sweet pictures. I remember Lawrence Welk and my parents watching it too. lol (TALU)


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