Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

I've recently found a couple other blogs of inspiration and I felt that I should start making my blog more formal and organized. Everyone has "Wordless Wednesday's" or the "Link-Up Monday's" or "Thoughtsy Thursday's" and there's the "What I wore Wednesday's" but I have none of that, heck I'm not even organized enough to stick to one topic! Well, I feel it's time for me to start something fun! I started my "Farming on The Four's" which I plan to keep up on but I wanted something more. I wanted something that was positive and would help to encourage other's to slow down and enjoy life. I found just what I was looking for on some recent blogs!

I intend to start posting things I'm thankful for! These are the little reminders in my daily life of how God whispers "I love you" without you really knowing it. No "rules" to follow but I'd like to set a goal of being thankful for at least 20 things a week and more if possible. At first it may be difficult but with time it will come easier. So, without further rambling... HERE WE GO! (Remember to say it in the voice of that crazy guy off Ax Man)

  • The wonderful warm days we've had to get the crops planted in the fields for the farmers
  • A roof that doesn't leak over my head
  • Cabinets full of food that will supply us with endless possibilities
  • Girl Scout cookies in my desk at work for snacking
  • Enough money in my account to fill my tank with gas
  • Time spent with Trav, all 20 waking minutes of it
  • Clean clothes to wear to work each day
  • Dish Network for DVR'ing my fav shows so I can watch them when I actually have time
  • My Camelbak Waterbottle filled with yummy ice lemon water
  • The sun shining and reminding me it's a new day, a new day, a new attitude
  • Having a gorgeous day so I could lay out my mulch in the garden
  • My plants and produce growing in my garden (might be short of a miracle)
  • The babies and momma cows finally getting over their crying stage (more sleep for me)
  • The craft show I have coming up, thankful for the opportunity to go
  • Extra's that I can give away to those in need, although it may feel like time's are tough for us there's always time to give to others
  • Big fuzzy sweatshirt that I can hide in when I get home from work
  • Totes, for organizing every aspect of my life (never thought I'd be thankful for these bad boys did ya?)
  • The earth for blooming pretty flowers
  • Winning SwagBucks that I can use later in the year meaning no out-of-pocket spending on Christmas presents and other gifts
  • Hearing Trav end our phone conversations with "LuhYuh" (our quick subtle version of Love Ya)
  • The smell of fresh cut grass on our farm
  • My family and friends health to be able to stick around another day and spend some time with me
  • Travis having an extra house key because I managed to lock the house with me outside
  • An uneventful night filled with relaxing in my hammock swing
  • Ooodles of scrapbook paper to play around and make crafts with

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  1. Thanks for entering my give away -- sneekpeeq IS fun -- you just keep clicking on things and 'sneek'ing a peek at the prices and you earn more freebies . . . it's addicting! This is a beautiful post -- we have SO much to be thankful for and it's even better when we remember WHO to be thankful to!


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