Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tornado Warnings!

With all of the bad weather we were expected to get this past weekend and tornado season just around the corner I took the time to create a "survival kit" for us to keep in the basement. I know the kit wouldn't really save us if a catastropic situation arose but I'd like to think it'd help out in an emergency situation. I personally do not believe in the whole the world is ending crap (see the article on Apocalypse if needed) but I do believe that you should be prepared for emergency situations at all times. Ether it be a terrorist attack, a snow storm or a tornado it's something to be considered. So here's a list of SOME of the things I had time to throw together, I have more things I'd like to add just don't have all of them quite yet, and I'm gonna need another tote!

Some food things we threw together were things we know would have a decent shelf life. I plan on every year adding new food items to our kit and checking the dates on the items that are already in there. When I first started gathering foods I tried thinking of things that would require no cooking. I found that ramen noodles were a no brainer and although you'd need some heat you could make up a fire out of the matches provided and all the firewood that would probably be "floating" around in our basement. Along with the noodles I included some juice boxes, spaghettio's, soups, some individual cups of corn, pudding, applesauce and jellos. There is also some fun dips (Trav loves them, stupid but gotta find something a little sweet to add to the kit), granola bars, tuna packets, pre-cooked rice packets, gum, pop-tarts and I threw in some powder mixes for water bottles. Of course there was some bottled water (some suggest up to two weeks worth of supply, I didn't add THAT much) and an eight pack of juice boxes packed. Don't forget to add in some utinsels to eat the food with and a couple bowls, cups and a pan or pot to cook things in, of course add in a can opener (if you have canned goods in your kit)!!

Another thought I had was to add some sanitizer wipes along with other things that would help make us feel "clean" in an emergency. Paper towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, band-aids, brushes/combs, ponytails, bobby pins, feminine products if needed, towel, shampoo, baby wipes, razor, deodorant, a cheap first-aid kit from the $1 bins at Wally-World.

These are some of the staples of a kit that are needed, as you can see mine is missing quite a few as I didn't have the time to gather all of them but rest assured they will get added to the kit! I will include: whistle, notebook, pens, permanent markets, flashlights, extra batteries, matches, duck tape, money (coins & bills), glow sticks, spare set of keys for each vehicle.

CLOTHING: My thinking, have a "His and Her's" backpack to throw these items into. They sit in the bedroom under the bed all packed and if an emergency situation arose we could easily grab them and take them downstairs with us. Since we use the items in these bags the most I wanted to keep them at easy access. I threw in one of everything so it could get us through each situation or season of the year. A pair of jeans, sweatpants, gym shorts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, undies, bras(women only on that one), socks (at least 3-4 pairs per person), a pair of flip flops, some sneakers, our mud boots (which are usually in the basement anyways) and our regular cowboy boots are what we plan to throw on our feet while hiding from the disastrous world. I choose to pack at least 2-3 of everything in these bags, very full but at least we'd have clothing to fit us if the Armageddon were to come.

Blanket: You should already have plenty of these waiting downstairs to cover up with but make sure you put some inside of an airtight container (or tote like I did) that way you have a dry one to use.
Emergency Radio: Make sure this is obviously battery operated! It'll come in handy when the electricity decides to go out.
Candles: Will be useful when the electricity's out!
Scrapbook: A great tip I found while searching is to include things like a mini scrapbook of memories, potentially if your house is torn to shreds those tiny keepsakes will make a difference to your future potentially. Also, it could help if someone were to go missing.
Camera: This would be helpful to take pictures of the damage immediately after the situation happened. That way you can send it to insurance and other places, also to have a keepsake for yourself of what really happened.
Recent Bills: Keeping a recent utility bill to prove that the location that got hit is yours, this would help with moving along a little quicker in the process with insurance because you can prove that you live there.
Board Games: If you get bored while waiting the weather out this could help pass time. Just make sure to have a friend or family member with you so you can practice your skills!
Jugs of Water: Yes, you'll still want bottled water but a quick jug of water could help to wash things off or clean things if needed, we've got tons of them laying around so I just grabbed a couple and filled them up right before we were to head downstairs.

So here's a wrap up of what our tote looked like this weekend. I'll add updated pictures as soon as I finish it up but it's at least a start. I feel a little safer knowing that we are prepared at least a little bit for bad weather, I guess let tornado season begin!

*I based some of the things I want to place in our kit off of different sites I looked at, like this one, How to Make a Tornado Survival Kit and this one had some other great info I used also,

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