Friday, April 6, 2012

W.T.E.G.E.S. <(Work, Tan, Exercise, Garden, Eat, Sleep)>

That's basically what my life has been about it seems like here lately. I rush, rush, rush to get to the next "duty" in life and I forget to live in the moment, to love life for what I have right now. A ton of things have been going and even though I took this quarter off (they didn't have the three classes I need to finish up the second degree this quarter) but I feel like even without classes life is stressful right now. What really bothers me though, is that everyone in this world is doing what I've been doing, they've all been too busy to really get into touch with reality or more importantly get in touch with God and follow his word.

This past week has been hectic, like every week in my life. I ended up having to re-landscape several times... That darn dog is in so much trouble right now he doesn't even deserve to be in a doghouse, he gets to sleep outside in the rain for all I care! On Wednesday he decided he still didn't like the way I added new landscaping to the yard so he dug up another area. I proceeded to re-landscape it Thursday evening while scolding him and trying to explain that he shouldn't be doing that. Friday morning (today) I came outside to help run gates for Travis while he fed cattle only to discover that yet again, the dog wanted to landscape it HIS way, this time not in the same spot but in TWO different spots!! What a pain, I mean really?! 

I'm so sick and tired of having to re-landscape his work that he wasn't asked to do in the first place. If anyone has any ideas on how to prevent him from doing this please shoot me some ideas. The spray I bought didn't work so now we're going to attempt some pepper and garlic, since they were the active ingredients in the mix. I've come up with another idea that is a little bit more harsh but hopefully he'll get the point. Before you call PETA on me hear me out, I'm going to place some taller nails pointy side up in the area's that he's been digging. I don't want to send him to the vet but I do want him to associate digging in those spots with pain from getting poked, hopefully he'll realize that it's not his personal digging playground area. After all, we've got a WHOLE FARM he can go dig on, why must he choose by my landscape to do it!?

Last night between running Trav from the sprayer by Crete to the Semi near Wilber and watering the garden I had a little free time. I decided to sit down and work on some couponing. I will be totally honest with you guys, I have been slacking here lately. It seems that after the weather got nice I kind of abandoned that ship and jumped onboard of the being outside one. I was just too excited to get outside and workout and get some of the much needed yard work/landscaping done. But anyways, while catching up on all of my coupons I ran across a TON of great high value ones that have been in the paper these past couple of weeks. An example of a great one is the Purex $2 one. If you're like me and not picky on which detergent you use then this along with a price match can really result in a great deal. I cannot believe I let my binders get so far behind on couponing, it took awhile but now that I'm caught up I know it'll take less time when I need to find a quick Q (coupon) to use. Jeez, now I see why parents of kids typically don't have the time to spend couponing!

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