Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

This past week was a blur! I think starting my week on a Tuesday really threw a loop in it all!

  • The weather for not throwing tornadoes down upon us on Sunday
  • Nice conversation with Trav's uncle about the small things in life
  • My hammock finally getting hung up
  • Ben's Iron Grill for making supper for me
  • EBay for always having something I insist I want, but really don't need
  • A two finger wave from a farmer on a gravel road
  • Sunshine even on the rainy days
  • A bear hug from my mommy
  • Getting props for having a nice looking garden
  • The wind for laying low for awhile so I can continue to mulch the garden
  • Travis for allowing me to watch "my shows" and make supper without complaining
  • The Bible for always giving me words of encouragement!
  • RAIN! Oh so thankful for rain :)
  • All the goodies from my freebies haul for giving me the chance to try new products
  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • Fellow bloggers words of encouragement
  • Lemon water, so yummy 
  • Long walks on the beach scratch that one, we don't have a beach or take long walks together hehe
  • Cell phone technology and the geniuses who created it
  • McCoys and Hatfields HBO special for allowing me and Travis to have bonding time and date nights
  • A simple hello from a classmate I haven't seen in awhile
  • Comments on my blog, love hearing others input on things that I spend time writing about
Lately I've had this feeling of not knowing where I'm going or what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. I often have the feeling of not being good enough for a lot of situations in my life but I know that God has a purpose for all of this and I just keep drilling it into my head that I am more than what's going on emotionally inside. Here's another AMAZING song that reminds me that God has a much bigger plan. It just amazes me that God will forgive and take me in, no matter if I've sinned and apologized countless times he's always there telling me that as long as I promise to spread the word about him and follow him then he will still accept me. Enough babbling, listen for yourself to hear the message!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mint Julep

Mmmm! One of our fav summer time drinks has to be mint julep. It just isn't a party unless someone brings out this yummy concoction! Here's our recipe for this drink favorite.

1 can of frozen lemonade (I've used pink lemonade and it tastes just as good)
1 lemonade can of cold water
1 lemonade can of vodka or any other liquor
1-2 tbsps of powdered sugar (or more)
5-10 mint leaves

Rub the mint leaves against the sides of the container you plan on using and then break them up in side the jug (they must be broken to release their minty-ness). Add the other items, add ice, shake up and drink up!

Simple right?! Told ya so! Now go make some yummy drinks and enjoy a nice warm summer afternoon!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!! This weekend was a much needed weekend of relaxation and time spent together making memories. Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing, seems like I do that a lot?!

Saturday evening we ended up heading out with one of my besties and her boy. We wanted to check out the bowling alley in Fairbury so we went south to bowl a couple games, checked out the new house she just bought (congrats Mo) and then had a scrumptious supper at McD's. It's nice to spend time with friends who actually take time out of their lives to invite us and include us in fun activities!!

Sunday was the annual canoe trip! Of course there was fun had by all and the beverages went down smooth on the boating trip. In all we had at least 10-15 canoes and john boats and we only had a handfuls of tipped over soldiers. The pink lemonade mint julep was yummy and thankfully my floaties and Hello Kitty goggles weren't needed to save anyone. I guess being the designated on duty life guard had it's advantages but thankfully we didn't need to use my skills to save anybody's life!! I believe we dropped in the Big Blue at around 9ish and we got off the river around 5ish. Eight hours is quite awhile to spend on the water but I enjoyed every minute of it! So lucky to have such fun friends to make memories with!!

Monday was again a relaxing day. We had just enough time to put my hammock in the tree and I have confidence that I will soon enough be spending some quality weekend afternoons testing it out! For supper we have some yummy philly steak and cheese sandwiches and I've now become obsessed with making them! Here's the basic run down of the recipe, I don't use measuring tools so some things you'll just have to guess until it tastes right for you.

I found some frozen Philly Steak from Wal-Mart and it comes in little patties, used two of those, about a quarter of an onion chopped into thick slices and tons of seasonings. I've found that I'm love with Tastefully Simple's Everday Grillin' seasoning and I also used some of the Garlic Bread Onion Powder seasoning from TS. Threw in a little bit of peppers and that's about it. Add a little bit of water and then some fajita seasoning mix and let it all simmer, once the meat is cooking I chopped it up and then waited for it to cook all the way through. Once the onions aren't raw and have a softness to them then pull it all off the burner. I choose to butter up some sandwich bread only because we didn't have any hoggie buns at home at the time. Tastes great if you melt some pepperjack cheese (or any cheese) onto it and then I added a small dab or mayo and let that all melt together. Trav went the route of choosing to add it to a tortilla but I think the hoggie route is oh so yummy!! Enjoy :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Freebie Friday

Another round of Freebie Friday! This past week was kind of impressive! I love getting stuff in the mail and although it's more fun to get actual products it's also great getting coupons for free items. Dissapointing but some of them I'm quite thankful they didn't send the free products in the mail actually! Can you imagine trying to keep hotdogs cold sitting in my mailbox until I get home after work?!

Some of the things in this weeks haul include:
  • $10 iTunes gift card (thank goodness for SwagBucks)
  • Pantene shampoo full size bottle
  • Bland Farms t-shirt (in my size!)
  • EcoVer laundry detergent and coupon
  • Gevalia Coffee sample and coupon
  • Garnier shampoo and conditioner and $1 coupon
  • Tide Pods sample
  • Eucerin lotions and face cream and $4 in coupons
  • TreSeme shampoo and conditioner samples along with a $1 off coupon
  • Dust Off phone screen cleaning kit
  • Vein Clinics of America recycle bag
  • Force Caffeinated Cinnamon Coffee (this actually sounds kind of yummy)
  • Crystal Light Appletini Drink Mix Powder (makes 2 quarts!!) and $1 off one mix
  • Synora Eye Gel
  • Bigelow Orange Tea Bag
  • Garnier BB Cream Foundation
  • FREE package of Oscar Meyer bacon/sandwich meat/or hotdogs
  • $5 off Olay Pro-X coupon
  • $4.50 off Always products

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

So I had a list created, and it disappeared!! Here's my re-vamped list, just made me think of totally new things I am thankful for instead ;)

  • My boy for making supper and putting me in a much better mood when he knew I had a horrible day
  • Mom for giving me hugs and reassuring me I'm doing my best
  • Bubba for being a good doggie, we're slowly letting him in the house for 2-4 hours at a time (I'm weak I'll admit it)
  • A good book to get lost in, helps to make me forget all the real-life drama going on ;)
  • The Lord for never giving up on me!!
  • My Scentsy family for surrounding me with encouraging words of wisdom
  • Clothes, for having ample amounts of them!
  • Fav reality TV shows having new seasons coming on soon
  • International Delights Iced Coffee, I got a free half gallon of the stuff and I'm kind of falling in love
  • Scentsy for creating a new fragrance (Lotus Cove) and making it so yummy I could eat it!
  • Sticky notes for helping me to remember what I need to do daily
  • Pandora for keeping me sane by playing my Christian Fav's channel
  • Coupon trading friends, I love helping others and in return the feeling it give me
  • Photo updates from friends that have babies, they always make my days go faster!
  • Travis' grandma for sending us some yummy kolche
  • Free product promos from companies
  • The uncomfortable couch we own because at least we have a couch
  • My lil sis (whom I used to never get along with) for sending me a thoughtful text with words of encouragement
  • My daily bible verse app for giving me words of encouragement each morning
  • Planting season being over! Finally my boys back!
  • Tanning for being my escape from reality
  • My bountiful garden for continual growth
  • Weeds for staying manageable thus far this year in my garden

My bible verse of the day summed up something I really needed to hear! "Any my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." -Philippians 4:19

Thanks for the added words and for placing the perfect words into my lap when I need them the most! 
Blessed be his name!

Farming on the Four's

This week I've got tons of updating to do!! First off, WE'RE DONE PLANTING!!!! I cannot add enough of !!!! to make you guys understand how excited I am really!

Beans, since we planted two of the fields next to our house with beans I felt it'd be fun to take progress pictures of them to post on the four's to let ya'll see how much they grow. I'll try to keep up with it but don't judge if I'm not 100% accurate on the dates!

I've found some really cool pictures of Corn and Soybean growth charts and thought it'd be fun to post to let all you non-aggies see how they grow! And for those aggies who took Lane or Jodi's class and didn't learn it  (or cheated on the tests) here's a re-fresher for ya ;) These charts break down what can cause yield loss and it also shows the V through the R actual stages of growth. Great refresher for people like me who didn't have enough of an attention span to memorize those in college!

Travis is kind of taking it a little easier these past couple days. He finished up helping the neighbors plant some of their fields they didn't have done and now he's ready to catch up on all the things he didn't have time for before. He's finished changing oil in everything on the farm (except my Tahoe) and was working on some power units prepping them for irrigation season. I know he works so hard but I'm glad he knows to put some time aside to enjoy life and come home a little earlier when he can.

My garden has really changed since I've last posted about it! I've now harvested all of my radishes and I'm thinking that soon I will have many more crops to begin harvesting! My garden is plum full of items and I have no more room to plant anything. My intentions of getting my peppers planted are still left on my to-do list and I'm hoping to swing by and pick some up before I head home. I've attempted to restyle my method of weeding  here recently with hopes that the weeds will stay away for awhile. Trav was giving me crap because he saw some grass growing with my onions so I tore up all of my straw and started plucking weeds down on all fours. I'm going to get those darn weeds out if it's the last thing I do! Then I'll re-lay some newspaper in the spots where I missed the first time and try it all again. Let's hope the newspapers do the trick or I'm giving up and letting the weeds have the space between my onions!!!

Remember on my last post I mentioned we were baling up the alfalfa? Well, it's done! The next day after I posted last we flipped it and then that following day (a Wednesday) they baled it all up. Now what's left is bales that were moved and ready for winter feeding time. I just love the smell of it but my allergies have a different opinion about it!

Can you believe that some of the locals already have their pivots running? I'm sure by my next four's post we'll have pivots up and running too. It seems like we anticipate this time of year and then it comes and goes in the blink of an eye. I guess farming is such a demanding and time consuming career but well worth the rewards and satisfaction of knowing you're producing crops to help feed others.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Book Club

Short post letting ya'll (getting country on ya ain't I?!) know that I posted some more books onto the "Book Club" tab. I have read these recently but didn't post about them until now because like with everything else I've gotten behind on everything, including keeping this updated.

I'd also love to get suggestions on other books to read, but don't send me boring or dumb ones. I don't mind series but they've gotta be good! Would love to hear what would be a good book to get into!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Surrounding Myself With Love

This weekend has been one of the most relaxing weekends I've had in quite awhile!!

I decided to finally do something for myself and went to see a movie with some friends I haven't seen or spent time with since high school! We went and saw the movie "What to Expect When You're Expecting." It was amazing! Check out the trailer for it:

Seriously, best movie I've seen in a long time! Best part, stopping at Curbstone to snack on yummy ice cream while we caught up on each other's lives. Funny how the best of friends walk in when it feels like everyone else is walking out! It meant the world to know the ones I spent a lot of my younger life with are still wanting to connect and stay in my life! I'm so grateful for the ladies!!

Saturday was spent cleaning and gardening! I finally got my zucchini, squash and cucumbers in. I've officially ran out of room in my garden to plant any other items. I saved six spots for my bell peppers which I still need to get but other than that I'm pretty satisfied with what's all out there. My intentions are to use the TEN tomato plants I planted to make pasta sauce, salsa, spicy tomato juice (for Trav's red beers) and chili sauce. The six pepper plants are intended for making and freezing stuffed peppers.

Saturday evening brought on storms. Not as bad as we were planning and we received less than 20/100's. They did have a street dance in town but Trav wanted to stay home and have movie night instead. I of course didn't object, considering I really wasn't in the mood to head into town anyways. So we hung out, caught up on all of our DVR recordings and spent time together. It was absolutely great! I love spending time together just the two of us.

Sunday funday was spent putting on a priming coat of paint on a project I intend to finish soon!! Then, more cleaning, couponing and celebrating a special friend's graduation! I'm so excited I got to celebrate Mo's graduation with her! She's been a bestie for so long the least I could do is congratulate her on a job well done. Polka's and friends, no better things in life.... oh, except for a pivo in my hand as well ;)

Fab weekend with friends, family and the boy. Weekends like this remind me of how great life really is and the major things in life aren't objects but people. Memories are what life is really about and I feel like I'm really making memories with the ones I choose to surround myself with and love.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

This week's list really showed me that sometimes the simplest objects and ideas can make the difference between a positive attitude and a negative one. Here goes!

  • Mom's advice for every situation
  • Hostess Blueberry Muffins
  • Faith in the Lord that he is doing what is best for me (this is a hard one for me)
  • Smell of fresh cut alfalfa
  • Planting season being over (almost)
  • Colorful straws
  • DVR holding all of my fav shows captive until I have time to watch them
  • Trav's "little friend Mike" slowly disappearing with antibiotics!!
  • The weekend quickly approaching!
  • Having great friends who are always surrounding me with happiness
  • Dan calling just to wish me a happy day
  • A night alone with Trav to catch up on gardening to-do's
  • GoGo Squeeze's (yes they're for kids but I love them!)
  • $25 worth of free groceries using coupons
  • My sparkly pearl ring that I'm still in love with almost a year after I received it!
  • Sunny morning helping me to wake up earlier
  • A good book to get lost in
  • Weird dreams, although they're crazy I'm thankful I have the ability to have such a vivid imagination
  • The prayer chains, although fbook may seem like a non-traditional prayer chain it's great for spreading the word fast and getting a bigger prayer power involved quicker 
  • Ability to work, sometimes I really really REALLY don't want to but at least I'm able to have a job and still help bring income in
  • My pea plants having a vine to climb instead of trying to crawl across the ground
  • Taste of fresh strawberries
  • Simple 4wheeler ride with Trav and Bubba as the sun goes down
  • New lemon bars recipe that's simple and tastes amazing 
  • Shrek, yes I said it. I love Shrek. He always puts me in a good mood!
  • Warm fuzzy blankies
  • 2% Chocolate Milk
  • Fresh raspberries

Coupon Match-Up's

So, some people have asked me what types of coupon deals do I get. Well, here's just an example of some of the random things I've picked up and the deals on them. Sometimes it's hit or miss and just because you have a coupon doesn't mean you're obligated to use them. Do what works best!

International Delights Ice Coffee
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: None
Coupon: FREE (had coupon from company for 1 free item)
Sub-Total: FREE
Actual Price: $3.98

Meow Mix Individual Moist Cup
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: None
Coupon: FREE (had coupon from company for 1 free item)
Sub-Total: FREE
Actual Price: $.48

Zone Perfect Nutritional Snack Bar
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: None
Coupon: FREE (had coupon from company for 1 free item)
Sub-Total: FREE
Actual Price: $.98

Pantene Ice Shampoo or Conditioner
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: None
Coupon: FREE (had coupon from company for 1 free item)
Sub-Total: FREE
Actual Price: $3.33

Hostess Blueberry Muffins
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: None
Coupon: $.50
Sub-Total: $2.48
Actual Price: $2.98

Lays Potato Chips (Mixed Variates)
Quantity: 4
Sale Price: B1G1F
Coupon: (2) $1/2bags
Sub-Total: $3.36
Actual Price: $2.68/piece ($10.72 total)

Crystal Light Drink Packets
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: None
Coupon: FREE (had coupon from company $2/1item)
Sub-Total: $.68
Actual Price: $2.68

Spot Shot Carpet Cleaner
Quantity: 2
Sale Price: None
Coupon: $1/1item
Sub-Total: -$.04
Actual Price: $.98/piece ($1.96 total)

Wisk Laundry Detergent (45 oz)
Quantity: 3
Sale Price: $4.00
Coupon: (3) $2/1item
Sub-Total: $6.00
Actual Price: $5.37 ($16.11 total)

Olay Lotion (8.4 oz)
Quantity: 1
Sale Price: None
Coupon: $1/1item
Sub-Total: $3.97
Actual Price: $4.97

So, according to my "calculations" if I were to add up the amount I paid for these items it would equal $16.45 meaning I paid that plus tax for 16 items or just over $1.03/piece. The retail price of all these items would be around, $48.19!! That's almost $3.01 a piece for an item, nearly $2 more!

Savings was a 66% savings on items that I love! Some items are obviously items I would have never bought myself but having the opportunity to get them free means I can have a little variety in our daily lives that we wouldn't normally have. Yes this is just a break down of what we normally buy but its fun to have trips exclusively set-up to see how good of deals we can get! When you buy breads and other goodies like the staples you'll find you don't find as good of deals but they're requirements. That's why you coupon for the other things and buy the staples. If you find this post interesting or want me to keep doing it by all means let me know! I'll try updating this once in awhile and keeping you guys in my couponing loop but we'll see how it goes! ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fresh Herbs

So, I'm attempting to depend on grocery stores less and myself more. That being said I've started to create some little ways to help save money. We don't go through spices and herbs a whole lot but when we do the price of buying seems steep. Another project I've started are these cute little herb planters. The mint I transplanted from my spreading mint plant (if you need mint please come get some!) and I started some seeds of dill and lavender with hopes of getting cilantro and other herbs planted soon! I just added some sand and big rocks to the bottom, then planted the seeds. Tied some string around them and viola, they're ready to grow. I placed them on the windowsill in the kitchen where I will easily be reminded to water them and they'll be ready to be added to foods!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Farming on the Four's

We finally have switched to beans! No more corn to plant for us which is great, now we'll just have to go back and see if the rain has washed anything out and we need to re-plant. Switching to beans means that we're over half way done with the planting season. We have a little bit more corn than beans ground that we grow and harvest. Travis is planting roughly 100 to 170 acres a day of beans depending on the type of field and if everything goes as planned. Sometimes terraces can take half a day while a flat long field can take less time, you just set the auto-steer and go, turn at the end of the row and re-set it. Simple if it's nice flat even ground!

Mother's Day (yesterday) also marked the day of the first cutting of the alfalfa fields! We're hoping to get a couple more cuttings off of them meaning we'll have plenty of bales stored up to feed cows over the next winter season. Since they were cut yesterday we'll more than likely let it sit for a couple days, flip it and let it sit some more. You have to make sure the alfalfa is super dry otherwise if you bale it and there's moisture it can start a fire from the heat of the sun. Here's an example of what can happen if the bales are too moist:

Pretty scary stuff eh?! Hence why you should always play it safe than sorry! Considering they're estimating the bales were worth $35 a piece that was $2500 loss on their farm! Here are some pic's I snapped of our field once it was cut. Boring to most but to those of you who don't live near a farm you might find them interesting.  I know most people have seen fields like this but the idea of the "Farming on the Four's" is to give those of you who don't have an ag background a chance to look into how an operation might run.

The first picture is of part of the field of alfalfa that was cut yesterday. The second picture shows a close-up of the alfalfa. It's recommended that you harvest right after it starts blooming, if you look closely you'll see cute little purple flowers just starting to bloom! Alfalfa smells so yummy but my allergies don't prefer to be around it.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mommy's Day!

Today is the day we take time to celebrate the special person who has been a motherly figure in our lives.

Unlike most people who take their mom out to eat and spend time with her. We spent Sunday morning/afternoon cleaning up after a celebration of my sister graduating from high school! Wasn't ideal but to spend time with my mom and dad alone was just so much fun! It's been forever since we've had just time for the three of us. I felt like an only child again! Oh the feeling of being an only child ;)

Yesterday while cleaning I had a chance to chit chat with my mom. I can remember when I was younger we would argue discuss things like how late I could stay out, why grades were so important, how often I should stay at a friend's house. Now we discuss what the best way to rid our garden of weeds, how we can save money by sewing our own knock-offs from the store, or even what our plans for Czech Days are. It's funny how times change and less than five years later our conversations have grown more meaningful and I find myself full of thankfulness for all of her advice.

I'm not the type of person to easily show my serious loving side but I felt a heartfelt post might help encourage others to think about their mom's. Show their moms that they're truly thankful for all that they have done for us kiddos. Weather you're a traditional mom or an adoptive mom (or any other circumstance mommy) you've done what is best for your kids at some point in their lives. I may not be your daughter but I want to thank you! Instead of doing what you want, you've chosen to do what's best for the person you've been asked to take care of by God. You're an inspiration to the youth to follow through example and we love you for always being there for us!

This Mother's Day me and Travis choose to give our mom's a beautiful mini rosebush. My mom is a collector of roses and has just about every kind of rosebush known to man except a mini rosebush. I felt this would be the absolute perfect gift for her! Travis' mom got the exact same one also. These are gifts that will continue to grow just like our love for our mom's.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Freebies Friday

Well, here's the most recent freebie collection. I had a bunch of coupons for free and discounted items as you can tell!! I also got some free lip gloss, a bottle of Bayer Aspirin, a 12-pack of Tully's K-Cups, Tampax sample packet with one of almost every product they have, a Target bag full of coupons and other products, some kinda healing roll-on balm stuff, doggy treats, a 5 Hour Energy Drink and tons of other goodies!

I kind of enjoy getting all these goodies in the mail! It's fun ripping open packages like it's Christmas day to discover what types of free items companies are willing to send ya! Plus all those small packets of shampoo and lotions are great for traveling! I've learned I'll never have to buy toothpaste again being's companies are willing to send you travel tubes to try their stuff out!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Wow, where did this week go!? I think spending time away from work at the hospital really thew my weekend for a loop! Here's my list, hopefully you've started your own list by this point. If so, link up to mine! Would love to start sharing with others!

  • Sticky-notes and their endless possibilities for uses
  • The people working at the Chinese restaurant, we always giggle when we order "pesee"
  • The amazing nurses who excel at their jobs to make people feel comfortable in times of being in a not so comfortable situation
  • The sun shining and the Lord promising that today is a new day
  • Having my dad's patience and learning to keep my mouth shut even when I'm ready to blow a gasket on someone for upsetting me
  • Pandora... oh how thankful I am for Pandora
  • Air conditioning, without it I'd die, literally die!
  • Iced coffee and the warm fuzzy feelings it provides me in the mornings (this is a rare treat I normally don't indulge in)
  • The Bible and all of it's wonderful stories that remind me of the greater goods in life
  • Ability to sit still long enough to catch up on Scentsy inventory logs and income/expense logs
  • The non-stop barking that my puppy does, at least I know his lungs work right?
  • Freebies, they give me extra's that I would have otherwise never bought or products I would have never tried plus it means less buying of products on my part
  • The tornado whistles, although I hope we never have to use them I'm thankful they test them "just in case"
  • City of Crete Roads Dept for cleaning off the sidewalks so we don't have to
  • Rain, it's such a blessing to get rain to help crops and my garden grow strong and healthy, along with keeping the dust down!
  • The sense of smell, some things stink but at least I can still smell the good things in life
  • A friend who will bring me a cheapo chocolate shake when she knows I'm having a tough day
  • New recipes to keep us from the boring routine of meals
  • Scentsy Layers hand cream that smells amazing
  • The radishes that my garden produced, delicious
  • The nail lady who did an amazing job on my nails and the fact that she's made them last for almost 3 weeks now
  • All of the coupons I've been getting in the mail for free full size products (rarity for companies to be sending them but loving them non-the-less)
  • Hamburger Helper, dumb thing to be thankful for but boy am I thankful for it! Works great for last minute meals when we've got so many other things going on this past weekend
  • Family, above all else I'm thankful for them because they'll always be there for me
  • Bread, such a simple filler but goes with everything

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shall We Receive Good and Not Evil?

As some of you may have heard we've had a death in Travis' family, his grandpa recently passed away. We have been up with little to no sleep the past couple of days leading to the day we lost him. We've spent more than our fair share of time at a hospital and I've really found a blessing through all of the heartaches.

I've found myself getting to know his family a lot better! There were some aunts and uncles I've met but really never got to know beings none of the family lives too close to this area. But it was just so fun bonding and making happy memories together in such a time of sadness. I've really been lucky to find such a great guy that has an awesome accepting family!

God has a mysterious way of making the cycle continue, when one person has been asked to come join Jesus another person has been placed on earth. While sitting at the hospital we got to watch the birth of a little baby girl, Katy, was her name to be exact. Katy was a precious little 6 lbs 11 oz baby who was 20 inches long and had brand new lungs that were heard throughout the hallways if she was in her mommy's room. I fell in love with this little baby, maybe it was the fact that I was trying to take my mind off of what was happening in room 203 or maybe it was the fact that I more than anything want to be a mommy myself someday but that little dark haired girl had me wishing I could just walk right into the nursery and pick her up and hold and cuddle her.

While in room 203 in the wee hours of the night I found myself unable to sleep so I sat there around 4:30 am reading the only book in the room, the Bible. I found myself looking at the book of Job in the Bible to find comfort during the times of sadness, and found myself intrigued by the faith that Job had.

To sum up the story of Job you can look at this website which really goes into detail about it! I have found that website useful for other books in the Bible as well! Basically the story is about a guy names Job, he was rich and had a lot of animals, crops and servants. He had TEN children, seven boys and three girls. Satan comes to God and tells him the only reason Job is so wealthy is because he protects him, God says go ahead and see, he will stay faithful. But God asks that Satan doesn't touch Job, just his objects.

So Satan starts fire to his animals, has soldiers steal all the rest of the livestock, and the servants all die but three who escaped to tell them of the news. His children are all killed by a huge wind that knocks the house down and Job rips his clothes off and yells out, "Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed by the name of the Lord." -Job 1:21

The devil proceeds to hold a conversation with God again saying that he can have Job but to spare his life. So Satan curses Job and puts boils from his head down to his toes. Job's friends have heard of his misfortunes and come to visit him but seeing him covered in disease they call out and tell Job all these things have happened to him because he has sinned. Job denies sinning and never once curses God for all the misfortunes. His wife even said, what's the point of believing in a God is he does this to you. Job replies, "Thou speakest as one of the foolish women speaketh. What? Shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?" -Job 2:10

Through all of the suffering Job never once denied God or gave up faith in him. God then tells Job that since he did not sin against him or question him through all of his suffering he would be rewarded with two times as much health, happiness, and wealth as he had before.

You see, through all of his misfortunes Job never once gave up on God. He told his friends that we will have evil's in life but God is always there though we may not see it at that moment in time. I too feel like God has given me bits and pieces of things that I feel I cannot handle but will someday reward me with even more than I started out with.

It makes sense that we will receive evils throughout our lives but we should never give up on God. I feel like right now it feels unfair and my heart is heavy with hurt but I feel the Lord is using the situation to give the family and me the hope that things will get better and that we will find a reason through all of this to find positive meanings in it. This story really has hung close to me through the whole situation and I'm thankful I read into it more. I've skimmed through Job several times but never took the time to really in depth pick it apart.

Thank you again for all of the kind thoughts and prayers sent to us from everyone! You're all so special and I'm so grateful to have those wonderful friends who have taken time out of their busy life to check in on us. Sending out an extra special thanks to my bestie Maureen Beck for bringing me a chocolate shake to work when she knew I was struggling and having a rough day! It is such an amazing feeling to know that the simplest things in life can really make the day so much better! The Lord always has a subtle way of tugging at my heart and proving to me that I cannot give up on him or his plans for me!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Farming on the Four's

So, what's new with Nerud Farms? Nothing at all, we're stuck sitting on the sidelines waiting for the rainy days to pass. Kind of a contradiction considering the picture I posted is obviously a sunny day spent out in the fields right? Well, that picture was taken earlier this week (Monday I think?) when we still has the lovely sunny weather. Neighbors have corn that's already up to six inches tall but some of our little seedlings are still hiding underground not ready to grow up quite yet.

Here's a picture of the lunches I made, no we don't have kids... This is considered a romantic supper for two during planting season! And yes if you look closely I used Christmas and Easter cupcake liners, I like using holiday liners throughout the year to have the feeling of celebrating more days beyond the official marked ones! It was a special treat to be able to ride around together and snack on a sandwich, it rarely happens that we have time to spend together but it's great to have a moment to grab a quick bite to eat. Getting home at ten or eleven is typical but now it's usually around eleven or twelve instead. It really gets disappointing as I now have NO ONE to talk to but I know that sometime we will get to see each other again.

After those wonderful sunny days we had at the beginning of the week it was kind of a disappointment to be stuck inside due to rain towards the end of this week but I've learned to never complain about a break in the weather. Last week we received about 2.8" of rain which helped kick start what was already planted. Then on Wednesday evening we had a wonderful storm bringing us 2.5" of rain, over by the town of Friend there were reports of over 4" of rain. We've got plenty for now thanks, please come around and bring us more in a month or so though!!

I'm excited to get a boyfriend back for a couple days but it's always good knowing that the crops are in the ground so once the skies clear up and the ground dries out I'm sure he'll be out there again. We had to run to Crete last night so we took the opportunity to go out to eat, Chinese yum, and then ran to Wally World to stock up on groceries. I find it so fun to have him go with my during grocery runs. Then he gets what he likes and gets to witness the couponing in action! Last nights total, $45 in coupons!!

Last night again we received a small amount of rain causing a ton of fog this morning. I'm thinking that we'll be lucky enough to enjoy a Saturday evening together, there's a ton of graduation parties and other events going on so we might just get lucky enough to attend something! So I'd love input, did anyone else get huge amounts of rainfall this past week? I'd love to make a map and tag people with the amount of rainfall they had!!

Until the next "four" I'm sending happy planting thoughts out to all the locals in hopes that everyone gets everything planted and there's time for a quick break before you head out to get the irrigation motors running!

May Scentsy News

The past month was alright. Had a show but the turnout wasn't the best. I think the nicer weather always has something to do with poor turnouts for spring shows. I did however meet a lovely lady who decided to sign up to start selling Scentsy, congrats Nicole again! So it was a catch 22 for saying this month was slow. I didn't have the sales but I had a recruit instead. All in all I'd say it was close to a $200 month in sales.


This month I choose to do a special that would give you free products just for ordering! I will honor the anyone who books gets a free plug-in special I did last month again for the booking special. It must be a qualifying party ($150 in sales, easy peasy) however in order to get the free warmer. The buyer special will be that anyone who orders anything will get to choose a FREE scent circle from my inventory. House and car both get to smell great that means!


This month there was no warmer of the month because they launched their new brand Velata. If you'd like to learn more about the new brand check out my website for Velata or my previous article Coming Soon: VELETA that explains a little more about the new brand.

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Here's the second post for my Thankful Thursdays that I started last week! Can't wait to continue this, I really enjoy looking at a list of things to be thankful for!!

  • Red, our puppy who barks non-stop, I guess at least he's scaring away the monsters from our yard!
  • Having the ability to journal, I went through many years worth of my journals from when I was younger last night and it made me realize that times have changed but my love for God and my journey in life has made me a much stronger person
  • Wonderful supportive family members that are constantly nudging me to do my best in life
  • Great potential in-laws, they've adopted me into their family, the Nerud's are just as crazy as the Zoubek's but they're wonderful and I'm so thankful I have them
  • The rainy days, it gives me just enough time to catch up on housework and catch a little time with Trav before he launches back into the field for more work
  • Sweatpant Sundays, I get to take time to relax and do something I enjoy, COUPON
  • Travis' stupid excuses for getting out of helping with simple house duties (I can't do dishes, I'm busy holding this chair down so it doesn't try to run away.)
  • The ability to sell Scentsy, and a customer base willing to support my business
  • Scentsy releasing a yummy new brand, Velata, meaning I now can enjoy chocolate fondue and that I can make commission off of my spending habbits
  • Coupons to help make our budget go a little further meaning we can splurge on other things that we enjoy
  • Everyone's safe and sound after sorting off more cattle and loading up bulls
  • The ability to go running and keep myself in shape when I have the energy
  • My mom, for being so supportive and encouraging when I call to tell her my problems and her always having positive spiritual advice to help me see that there will be better days ahead
  • Being blessed with wonderful friends that I surround myself with
  • Having a positive attitude about everyone, I refuse to give up on someone I know has potential to do great things with their lives
  • Potatoes, onions, radishes, and peas all sprouting in hopes of a bountiful harvest this year
  • Newspapers reporting positive uplifting articles about people helping a little boy achieve his dreams while battling cancer
  • Trav for listening to me complain about the pity things in life and never once yelling at me to "get over it"
  • Yummy instant Butter Pecan cupcakes!
  • Having enough time before the rain to get in a tomato plant
  • Getting all 2.5" of rain last night, it helped my garden out a ton and the crops in the fields have more than enough water to get started growing now
  • Everyone staying safe through the rough storms we had
  • Verizon for having great cell phone service and keeping me up to date with the world around me
  • The beautiful sunshine that is warming up this new day that the Lord hath made :)
  • Straws, whoever invented them, I'm deff thankful for them
  • Sherri my co-worker for keeping me smiling when I'm ready to pound my head against a wall
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understandings. -Proverbs 3:5
This verse has been going through my head the past week non-stop and I really need to learn to trust even more than I already do!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy May Day! (A day late and a kiss short)

Yesterday was May Day! Did you know that May Day is actually a celebrated Czech Holiday also?!

In the Czech Republic May Day is all about celebrating spring and you'll see tons of people doing the traditional custom of raising a Maypole. Maypoles are exactly what they sound like, poles made out of trees and the villages usually compete to see who can raise the biggest pole.

May 1st is also what they consider Labor Day and everyone gets the holiday off. Another celebration held on that day is what they call The Day of Love. Here's an awesome article explaining the holiday about May 1st, The Day of Love which is kind of cool! Basically a famous poet died and everyone goes there every year and lays millions of flowers to honor them. There's also the tall tale that your lady will stay beautiful throughout the next year if you kiss her under a blooming tree on May first. Good luck and hope you kissed your gal yesterday!

While the homeland may spend the day celebrating yesterday, I took the day to do other things. I think I was in a funky mood though yesterday, perhaps the holiday back home is what was causing it?! I'm typically one of those people who feels like after I get off work I'm so drained that I need to go home and just vegg for awhile before I hit my second wind, but not last night! Got home, grabbed a quick bowl of great grains cereal then took off staying busy.

I ended up finishing mulching my garden early enough that I had time to actually sit around. I found I just couldn't do it so I laced up the old tennis shoes and marched my lil hiney outside in hopes  of getting a little running time in. I have that wonderful MapMyRun app so I decided to put it to good use. I got a good workout in alright, but the best part, my dog AND cat both hitch hiked with me. Yup, re-read that, my cat joined in on the fun. Have you ever heard of a cat going for a jog with you?! She amazingly kept up with us the whole time too, either meaning I didn't run fast enough or she's in shape (after just having kitties within the past two days!?). Best part of the whole trip, when we got back she was panting just like the dog!!

Besides my eventful run I decided at 9:30 pm that I needed to re-organize the entire kitchen. Yes, I willingly admit I have an OCD issue and sometimes it kicks in at the strangest hours. So there I was matching lids to tupperware containers, if they didn't have a lid they got tossed, if they didn't have a matching bowl they were tossed. I cannot believe how many un-matching buddies lived in my house until I went to sort everyone out! Needless to say, they all got put back into their spots, squares in one drawer, rounds in another. Then I went on to clean out the other cupboards only to find a jar of peanut butter that expired in 2008! I can't believe that Trav has never cleaned out those cupboards, better yet, that I haven't gotten a hold of them and cleaned them out myself!

So now, my kitchens organized, the cat got a good jog in and I got a load of dishes and laundry done. This girl was sleepy when it was finally time to crawl into bed! Happy May Day (a day late) everyone! What did you do on May Day?

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Scentsy Update

The past month was alright. Had a show but the turnout wasn't the best. I think the nicer weather always has something to do with poor turnouts for spring shows. I did however meet a lovely lady who decided to sign up to start selling Scentsy, congrats Nicole again! So it was a catch 22 for saying this month was slow. I didn't have the sales but I had a recruit instead. All in all I'd say it was close to a $200 month in sales.

This month there was no warmer of the month because they launched their new brand Velata. If you'd like to learn more about the new brand check out my website for Velata or my previous article Coming Soon: VELETA that explains a little more about the new brand.

*SCENT OF THE MONTH* - Cherry Vanilla
Cherry Vanilla: Sweet as the finishing touch atop your favorite sundae. Cherry Vanilla is a delightful swirl of candied cherry and sugared almonds folded into velvety white chocolate ice cream.

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