Friday, May 4, 2012

Farming on the Four's

So, what's new with Nerud Farms? Nothing at all, we're stuck sitting on the sidelines waiting for the rainy days to pass. Kind of a contradiction considering the picture I posted is obviously a sunny day spent out in the fields right? Well, that picture was taken earlier this week (Monday I think?) when we still has the lovely sunny weather. Neighbors have corn that's already up to six inches tall but some of our little seedlings are still hiding underground not ready to grow up quite yet.

Here's a picture of the lunches I made, no we don't have kids... This is considered a romantic supper for two during planting season! And yes if you look closely I used Christmas and Easter cupcake liners, I like using holiday liners throughout the year to have the feeling of celebrating more days beyond the official marked ones! It was a special treat to be able to ride around together and snack on a sandwich, it rarely happens that we have time to spend together but it's great to have a moment to grab a quick bite to eat. Getting home at ten or eleven is typical but now it's usually around eleven or twelve instead. It really gets disappointing as I now have NO ONE to talk to but I know that sometime we will get to see each other again.

After those wonderful sunny days we had at the beginning of the week it was kind of a disappointment to be stuck inside due to rain towards the end of this week but I've learned to never complain about a break in the weather. Last week we received about 2.8" of rain which helped kick start what was already planted. Then on Wednesday evening we had a wonderful storm bringing us 2.5" of rain, over by the town of Friend there were reports of over 4" of rain. We've got plenty for now thanks, please come around and bring us more in a month or so though!!

I'm excited to get a boyfriend back for a couple days but it's always good knowing that the crops are in the ground so once the skies clear up and the ground dries out I'm sure he'll be out there again. We had to run to Crete last night so we took the opportunity to go out to eat, Chinese yum, and then ran to Wally World to stock up on groceries. I find it so fun to have him go with my during grocery runs. Then he gets what he likes and gets to witness the couponing in action! Last nights total, $45 in coupons!!

Last night again we received a small amount of rain causing a ton of fog this morning. I'm thinking that we'll be lucky enough to enjoy a Saturday evening together, there's a ton of graduation parties and other events going on so we might just get lucky enough to attend something! So I'd love input, did anyone else get huge amounts of rainfall this past week? I'd love to make a map and tag people with the amount of rainfall they had!!

Until the next "four" I'm sending happy planting thoughts out to all the locals in hopes that everyone gets everything planted and there's time for a quick break before you head out to get the irrigation motors running!

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