Monday, May 14, 2012

Farming on the Four's

We finally have switched to beans! No more corn to plant for us which is great, now we'll just have to go back and see if the rain has washed anything out and we need to re-plant. Switching to beans means that we're over half way done with the planting season. We have a little bit more corn than beans ground that we grow and harvest. Travis is planting roughly 100 to 170 acres a day of beans depending on the type of field and if everything goes as planned. Sometimes terraces can take half a day while a flat long field can take less time, you just set the auto-steer and go, turn at the end of the row and re-set it. Simple if it's nice flat even ground!

Mother's Day (yesterday) also marked the day of the first cutting of the alfalfa fields! We're hoping to get a couple more cuttings off of them meaning we'll have plenty of bales stored up to feed cows over the next winter season. Since they were cut yesterday we'll more than likely let it sit for a couple days, flip it and let it sit some more. You have to make sure the alfalfa is super dry otherwise if you bale it and there's moisture it can start a fire from the heat of the sun. Here's an example of what can happen if the bales are too moist:

Pretty scary stuff eh?! Hence why you should always play it safe than sorry! Considering they're estimating the bales were worth $35 a piece that was $2500 loss on their farm! Here are some pic's I snapped of our field once it was cut. Boring to most but to those of you who don't live near a farm you might find them interesting.  I know most people have seen fields like this but the idea of the "Farming on the Four's" is to give those of you who don't have an ag background a chance to look into how an operation might run.

The first picture is of part of the field of alfalfa that was cut yesterday. The second picture shows a close-up of the alfalfa. It's recommended that you harvest right after it starts blooming, if you look closely you'll see cute little purple flowers just starting to bloom! Alfalfa smells so yummy but my allergies don't prefer to be around it.

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