Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farming on the Four's

This week I've got tons of updating to do!! First off, WE'RE DONE PLANTING!!!! I cannot add enough of !!!! to make you guys understand how excited I am really!

Beans, since we planted two of the fields next to our house with beans I felt it'd be fun to take progress pictures of them to post on the four's to let ya'll see how much they grow. I'll try to keep up with it but don't judge if I'm not 100% accurate on the dates!

I've found some really cool pictures of Corn and Soybean growth charts and thought it'd be fun to post to let all you non-aggies see how they grow! And for those aggies who took Lane or Jodi's class and didn't learn it  (or cheated on the tests) here's a re-fresher for ya ;) These charts break down what can cause yield loss and it also shows the V through the R actual stages of growth. Great refresher for people like me who didn't have enough of an attention span to memorize those in college!

Travis is kind of taking it a little easier these past couple days. He finished up helping the neighbors plant some of their fields they didn't have done and now he's ready to catch up on all the things he didn't have time for before. He's finished changing oil in everything on the farm (except my Tahoe) and was working on some power units prepping them for irrigation season. I know he works so hard but I'm glad he knows to put some time aside to enjoy life and come home a little earlier when he can.

My garden has really changed since I've last posted about it! I've now harvested all of my radishes and I'm thinking that soon I will have many more crops to begin harvesting! My garden is plum full of items and I have no more room to plant anything. My intentions of getting my peppers planted are still left on my to-do list and I'm hoping to swing by and pick some up before I head home. I've attempted to restyle my method of weeding  here recently with hopes that the weeds will stay away for awhile. Trav was giving me crap because he saw some grass growing with my onions so I tore up all of my straw and started plucking weeds down on all fours. I'm going to get those darn weeds out if it's the last thing I do! Then I'll re-lay some newspaper in the spots where I missed the first time and try it all again. Let's hope the newspapers do the trick or I'm giving up and letting the weeds have the space between my onions!!!

Remember on my last post I mentioned we were baling up the alfalfa? Well, it's done! The next day after I posted last we flipped it and then that following day (a Wednesday) they baled it all up. Now what's left is bales that were moved and ready for winter feeding time. I just love the smell of it but my allergies have a different opinion about it!

Can you believe that some of the locals already have their pivots running? I'm sure by my next four's post we'll have pivots up and running too. It seems like we anticipate this time of year and then it comes and goes in the blink of an eye. I guess farming is such a demanding and time consuming career but well worth the rewards and satisfaction of knowing you're producing crops to help feed others.


  1. Sometime soon we should all get together! I enjoy reading your posts when I get a chance. This past week has been kind of nice, I have had most of it off and been able to catch up on things a bit on the farm.

    Take care Kelsey and see you soon we hope!


  2. We would love to invite you over some night for a bbq or soemthing! When it's nice it's kind of hit or miss with Trav but we could always plan something! I'll have to stop over and check out your garden, I know you had great intentions to make a huge one but have yet to hear if it's actually growing!


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