Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy May Day! (A day late and a kiss short)

Yesterday was May Day! Did you know that May Day is actually a celebrated Czech Holiday also?!

In the Czech Republic May Day is all about celebrating spring and you'll see tons of people doing the traditional custom of raising a Maypole. Maypoles are exactly what they sound like, poles made out of trees and the villages usually compete to see who can raise the biggest pole.

May 1st is also what they consider Labor Day and everyone gets the holiday off. Another celebration held on that day is what they call The Day of Love. Here's an awesome article explaining the holiday about May 1st, The Day of Love which is kind of cool! Basically a famous poet died and everyone goes there every year and lays millions of flowers to honor them. There's also the tall tale that your lady will stay beautiful throughout the next year if you kiss her under a blooming tree on May first. Good luck and hope you kissed your gal yesterday!

While the homeland may spend the day celebrating yesterday, I took the day to do other things. I think I was in a funky mood though yesterday, perhaps the holiday back home is what was causing it?! I'm typically one of those people who feels like after I get off work I'm so drained that I need to go home and just vegg for awhile before I hit my second wind, but not last night! Got home, grabbed a quick bowl of great grains cereal then took off staying busy.

I ended up finishing mulching my garden early enough that I had time to actually sit around. I found I just couldn't do it so I laced up the old tennis shoes and marched my lil hiney outside in hopes  of getting a little running time in. I have that wonderful MapMyRun app so I decided to put it to good use. I got a good workout in alright, but the best part, my dog AND cat both hitch hiked with me. Yup, re-read that, my cat joined in on the fun. Have you ever heard of a cat going for a jog with you?! She amazingly kept up with us the whole time too, either meaning I didn't run fast enough or she's in shape (after just having kitties within the past two days!?). Best part of the whole trip, when we got back she was panting just like the dog!!

Besides my eventful run I decided at 9:30 pm that I needed to re-organize the entire kitchen. Yes, I willingly admit I have an OCD issue and sometimes it kicks in at the strangest hours. So there I was matching lids to tupperware containers, if they didn't have a lid they got tossed, if they didn't have a matching bowl they were tossed. I cannot believe how many un-matching buddies lived in my house until I went to sort everyone out! Needless to say, they all got put back into their spots, squares in one drawer, rounds in another. Then I went on to clean out the other cupboards only to find a jar of peanut butter that expired in 2008! I can't believe that Trav has never cleaned out those cupboards, better yet, that I haven't gotten a hold of them and cleaned them out myself!

So now, my kitchens organized, the cat got a good jog in and I got a load of dishes and laundry done. This girl was sleepy when it was finally time to crawl into bed! Happy May Day (a day late) everyone! What did you do on May Day?

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