Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mommy's Day!

Today is the day we take time to celebrate the special person who has been a motherly figure in our lives.

Unlike most people who take their mom out to eat and spend time with her. We spent Sunday morning/afternoon cleaning up after a celebration of my sister graduating from high school! Wasn't ideal but to spend time with my mom and dad alone was just so much fun! It's been forever since we've had just time for the three of us. I felt like an only child again! Oh the feeling of being an only child ;)

Yesterday while cleaning I had a chance to chit chat with my mom. I can remember when I was younger we would argue discuss things like how late I could stay out, why grades were so important, how often I should stay at a friend's house. Now we discuss what the best way to rid our garden of weeds, how we can save money by sewing our own knock-offs from the store, or even what our plans for Czech Days are. It's funny how times change and less than five years later our conversations have grown more meaningful and I find myself full of thankfulness for all of her advice.

I'm not the type of person to easily show my serious loving side but I felt a heartfelt post might help encourage others to think about their mom's. Show their moms that they're truly thankful for all that they have done for us kiddos. Weather you're a traditional mom or an adoptive mom (or any other circumstance mommy) you've done what is best for your kids at some point in their lives. I may not be your daughter but I want to thank you! Instead of doing what you want, you've chosen to do what's best for the person you've been asked to take care of by God. You're an inspiration to the youth to follow through example and we love you for always being there for us!

This Mother's Day me and Travis choose to give our mom's a beautiful mini rosebush. My mom is a collector of roses and has just about every kind of rosebush known to man except a mini rosebush. I felt this would be the absolute perfect gift for her! Travis' mom got the exact same one also. These are gifts that will continue to grow just like our love for our mom's.


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