Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day!! This weekend was a much needed weekend of relaxation and time spent together making memories. Saturday was spent cleaning and organizing, seems like I do that a lot?!

Saturday evening we ended up heading out with one of my besties and her boy. We wanted to check out the bowling alley in Fairbury so we went south to bowl a couple games, checked out the new house she just bought (congrats Mo) and then had a scrumptious supper at McD's. It's nice to spend time with friends who actually take time out of their lives to invite us and include us in fun activities!!

Sunday was the annual canoe trip! Of course there was fun had by all and the beverages went down smooth on the boating trip. In all we had at least 10-15 canoes and john boats and we only had a handfuls of tipped over soldiers. The pink lemonade mint julep was yummy and thankfully my floaties and Hello Kitty goggles weren't needed to save anyone. I guess being the designated on duty life guard had it's advantages but thankfully we didn't need to use my skills to save anybody's life!! I believe we dropped in the Big Blue at around 9ish and we got off the river around 5ish. Eight hours is quite awhile to spend on the water but I enjoyed every minute of it! So lucky to have such fun friends to make memories with!!

Monday was again a relaxing day. We had just enough time to put my hammock in the tree and I have confidence that I will soon enough be spending some quality weekend afternoons testing it out! For supper we have some yummy philly steak and cheese sandwiches and I've now become obsessed with making them! Here's the basic run down of the recipe, I don't use measuring tools so some things you'll just have to guess until it tastes right for you.

I found some frozen Philly Steak from Wal-Mart and it comes in little patties, used two of those, about a quarter of an onion chopped into thick slices and tons of seasonings. I've found that I'm love with Tastefully Simple's Everday Grillin' seasoning and I also used some of the Garlic Bread Onion Powder seasoning from TS. Threw in a little bit of peppers and that's about it. Add a little bit of water and then some fajita seasoning mix and let it all simmer, once the meat is cooking I chopped it up and then waited for it to cook all the way through. Once the onions aren't raw and have a softness to them then pull it all off the burner. I choose to butter up some sandwich bread only because we didn't have any hoggie buns at home at the time. Tastes great if you melt some pepperjack cheese (or any cheese) onto it and then I added a small dab or mayo and let that all melt together. Trav went the route of choosing to add it to a tortilla but I think the hoggie route is oh so yummy!! Enjoy :)

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