Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mint Julep

Mmmm! One of our fav summer time drinks has to be mint julep. It just isn't a party unless someone brings out this yummy concoction! Here's our recipe for this drink favorite.

1 can of frozen lemonade (I've used pink lemonade and it tastes just as good)
1 lemonade can of cold water
1 lemonade can of vodka or any other liquor
1-2 tbsps of powdered sugar (or more)
5-10 mint leaves

Rub the mint leaves against the sides of the container you plan on using and then break them up in side the jug (they must be broken to release their minty-ness). Add the other items, add ice, shake up and drink up!

Simple right?! Told ya so! Now go make some yummy drinks and enjoy a nice warm summer afternoon!

1 comment:

  1. This is even better with Bourbon. But anyway you drink them, just drink'em. Lisa


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