Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shall We Receive Good and Not Evil?

As some of you may have heard we've had a death in Travis' family, his grandpa recently passed away. We have been up with little to no sleep the past couple of days leading to the day we lost him. We've spent more than our fair share of time at a hospital and I've really found a blessing through all of the heartaches.

I've found myself getting to know his family a lot better! There were some aunts and uncles I've met but really never got to know beings none of the family lives too close to this area. But it was just so fun bonding and making happy memories together in such a time of sadness. I've really been lucky to find such a great guy that has an awesome accepting family!

God has a mysterious way of making the cycle continue, when one person has been asked to come join Jesus another person has been placed on earth. While sitting at the hospital we got to watch the birth of a little baby girl, Katy, was her name to be exact. Katy was a precious little 6 lbs 11 oz baby who was 20 inches long and had brand new lungs that were heard throughout the hallways if she was in her mommy's room. I fell in love with this little baby, maybe it was the fact that I was trying to take my mind off of what was happening in room 203 or maybe it was the fact that I more than anything want to be a mommy myself someday but that little dark haired girl had me wishing I could just walk right into the nursery and pick her up and hold and cuddle her.

While in room 203 in the wee hours of the night I found myself unable to sleep so I sat there around 4:30 am reading the only book in the room, the Bible. I found myself looking at the book of Job in the Bible to find comfort during the times of sadness, and found myself intrigued by the faith that Job had.

To sum up the story of Job you can look at this website which really goes into detail about it! I have found that website useful for other books in the Bible as well! Basically the story is about a guy names Job, he was rich and had a lot of animals, crops and servants. He had TEN children, seven boys and three girls. Satan comes to God and tells him the only reason Job is so wealthy is because he protects him, God says go ahead and see, he will stay faithful. But God asks that Satan doesn't touch Job, just his objects.

So Satan starts fire to his animals, has soldiers steal all the rest of the livestock, and the servants all die but three who escaped to tell them of the news. His children are all killed by a huge wind that knocks the house down and Job rips his clothes off and yells out, "Naked came I out of my mother's womb, and naked shall I return. The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed by the name of the Lord." -Job 1:21

The devil proceeds to hold a conversation with God again saying that he can have Job but to spare his life. So Satan curses Job and puts boils from his head down to his toes. Job's friends have heard of his misfortunes and come to visit him but seeing him covered in disease they call out and tell Job all these things have happened to him because he has sinned. Job denies sinning and never once curses God for all the misfortunes. His wife even said, what's the point of believing in a God is he does this to you. Job replies, "Thou speakest as one of the foolish women speaketh. What? Shall we receive good at the hand of God, and shall we not receive evil?" -Job 2:10

Through all of the suffering Job never once denied God or gave up faith in him. God then tells Job that since he did not sin against him or question him through all of his suffering he would be rewarded with two times as much health, happiness, and wealth as he had before.

You see, through all of his misfortunes Job never once gave up on God. He told his friends that we will have evil's in life but God is always there though we may not see it at that moment in time. I too feel like God has given me bits and pieces of things that I feel I cannot handle but will someday reward me with even more than I started out with.

It makes sense that we will receive evils throughout our lives but we should never give up on God. I feel like right now it feels unfair and my heart is heavy with hurt but I feel the Lord is using the situation to give the family and me the hope that things will get better and that we will find a reason through all of this to find positive meanings in it. This story really has hung close to me through the whole situation and I'm thankful I read into it more. I've skimmed through Job several times but never took the time to really in depth pick it apart.

Thank you again for all of the kind thoughts and prayers sent to us from everyone! You're all so special and I'm so grateful to have those wonderful friends who have taken time out of their busy life to check in on us. Sending out an extra special thanks to my bestie Maureen Beck for bringing me a chocolate shake to work when she knew I was struggling and having a rough day! It is such an amazing feeling to know that the simplest things in life can really make the day so much better! The Lord always has a subtle way of tugging at my heart and proving to me that I cannot give up on him or his plans for me!


  1. I love the story of Job. If I have confronted with a difficult situation, sometimes I feel like I'm losing faith. But I just say, out loud "God, please help me. please help me." Just saying those words make it just a little bit easier to cope.

    Thanks for linking up to TALU.

  2. Thank you for sharing this inspirational post on TALU this week. :)


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