Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Here's the second post for my Thankful Thursdays that I started last week! Can't wait to continue this, I really enjoy looking at a list of things to be thankful for!!

  • Red, our puppy who barks non-stop, I guess at least he's scaring away the monsters from our yard!
  • Having the ability to journal, I went through many years worth of my journals from when I was younger last night and it made me realize that times have changed but my love for God and my journey in life has made me a much stronger person
  • Wonderful supportive family members that are constantly nudging me to do my best in life
  • Great potential in-laws, they've adopted me into their family, the Nerud's are just as crazy as the Zoubek's but they're wonderful and I'm so thankful I have them
  • The rainy days, it gives me just enough time to catch up on housework and catch a little time with Trav before he launches back into the field for more work
  • Sweatpant Sundays, I get to take time to relax and do something I enjoy, COUPON
  • Travis' stupid excuses for getting out of helping with simple house duties (I can't do dishes, I'm busy holding this chair down so it doesn't try to run away.)
  • The ability to sell Scentsy, and a customer base willing to support my business
  • Scentsy releasing a yummy new brand, Velata, meaning I now can enjoy chocolate fondue and that I can make commission off of my spending habbits
  • Coupons to help make our budget go a little further meaning we can splurge on other things that we enjoy
  • Everyone's safe and sound after sorting off more cattle and loading up bulls
  • The ability to go running and keep myself in shape when I have the energy
  • My mom, for being so supportive and encouraging when I call to tell her my problems and her always having positive spiritual advice to help me see that there will be better days ahead
  • Being blessed with wonderful friends that I surround myself with
  • Having a positive attitude about everyone, I refuse to give up on someone I know has potential to do great things with their lives
  • Potatoes, onions, radishes, and peas all sprouting in hopes of a bountiful harvest this year
  • Newspapers reporting positive uplifting articles about people helping a little boy achieve his dreams while battling cancer
  • Trav for listening to me complain about the pity things in life and never once yelling at me to "get over it"
  • Yummy instant Butter Pecan cupcakes!
  • Having enough time before the rain to get in a tomato plant
  • Getting all 2.5" of rain last night, it helped my garden out a ton and the crops in the fields have more than enough water to get started growing now
  • Everyone staying safe through the rough storms we had
  • Verizon for having great cell phone service and keeping me up to date with the world around me
  • The beautiful sunshine that is warming up this new day that the Lord hath made :)
  • Straws, whoever invented them, I'm deff thankful for them
  • Sherri my co-worker for keeping me smiling when I'm ready to pound my head against a wall
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understandings. -Proverbs 3:5
This verse has been going through my head the past week non-stop and I really need to learn to trust even more than I already do!

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