Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Wow, where did this week go!? I think spending time away from work at the hospital really thew my weekend for a loop! Here's my list, hopefully you've started your own list by this point. If so, link up to mine! Would love to start sharing with others!

  • Sticky-notes and their endless possibilities for uses
  • The people working at the Chinese restaurant, we always giggle when we order "pesee"
  • The amazing nurses who excel at their jobs to make people feel comfortable in times of being in a not so comfortable situation
  • The sun shining and the Lord promising that today is a new day
  • Having my dad's patience and learning to keep my mouth shut even when I'm ready to blow a gasket on someone for upsetting me
  • Pandora... oh how thankful I am for Pandora
  • Air conditioning, without it I'd die, literally die!
  • Iced coffee and the warm fuzzy feelings it provides me in the mornings (this is a rare treat I normally don't indulge in)
  • The Bible and all of it's wonderful stories that remind me of the greater goods in life
  • Ability to sit still long enough to catch up on Scentsy inventory logs and income/expense logs
  • The non-stop barking that my puppy does, at least I know his lungs work right?
  • Freebies, they give me extra's that I would have otherwise never bought or products I would have never tried plus it means less buying of products on my part
  • The tornado whistles, although I hope we never have to use them I'm thankful they test them "just in case"
  • City of Crete Roads Dept for cleaning off the sidewalks so we don't have to
  • Rain, it's such a blessing to get rain to help crops and my garden grow strong and healthy, along with keeping the dust down!
  • The sense of smell, some things stink but at least I can still smell the good things in life
  • A friend who will bring me a cheapo chocolate shake when she knows I'm having a tough day
  • New recipes to keep us from the boring routine of meals
  • Scentsy Layers hand cream that smells amazing
  • The radishes that my garden produced, delicious
  • The nail lady who did an amazing job on my nails and the fact that she's made them last for almost 3 weeks now
  • All of the coupons I've been getting in the mail for free full size products (rarity for companies to be sending them but loving them non-the-less)
  • Hamburger Helper, dumb thing to be thankful for but boy am I thankful for it! Works great for last minute meals when we've got so many other things going on this past weekend
  • Family, above all else I'm thankful for them because they'll always be there for me
  • Bread, such a simple filler but goes with everything

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