Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

This week's list really showed me that sometimes the simplest objects and ideas can make the difference between a positive attitude and a negative one. Here goes!

  • Mom's advice for every situation
  • Hostess Blueberry Muffins
  • Faith in the Lord that he is doing what is best for me (this is a hard one for me)
  • Smell of fresh cut alfalfa
  • Planting season being over (almost)
  • Colorful straws
  • DVR holding all of my fav shows captive until I have time to watch them
  • Trav's "little friend Mike" slowly disappearing with antibiotics!!
  • The weekend quickly approaching!
  • Having great friends who are always surrounding me with happiness
  • Dan calling just to wish me a happy day
  • A night alone with Trav to catch up on gardening to-do's
  • GoGo Squeeze's (yes they're for kids but I love them!)
  • $25 worth of free groceries using coupons
  • My sparkly pearl ring that I'm still in love with almost a year after I received it!
  • Sunny morning helping me to wake up earlier
  • A good book to get lost in
  • Weird dreams, although they're crazy I'm thankful I have the ability to have such a vivid imagination
  • The prayer chains, although fbook may seem like a non-traditional prayer chain it's great for spreading the word fast and getting a bigger prayer power involved quicker 
  • Ability to work, sometimes I really really REALLY don't want to but at least I'm able to have a job and still help bring income in
  • My pea plants having a vine to climb instead of trying to crawl across the ground
  • Taste of fresh strawberries
  • Simple 4wheeler ride with Trav and Bubba as the sun goes down
  • New lemon bars recipe that's simple and tastes amazing 
  • Shrek, yes I said it. I love Shrek. He always puts me in a good mood!
  • Warm fuzzy blankies
  • 2% Chocolate Milk
  • Fresh raspberries

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