Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

So I had a list created, and it disappeared!! Here's my re-vamped list, just made me think of totally new things I am thankful for instead ;)

  • My boy for making supper and putting me in a much better mood when he knew I had a horrible day
  • Mom for giving me hugs and reassuring me I'm doing my best
  • Bubba for being a good doggie, we're slowly letting him in the house for 2-4 hours at a time (I'm weak I'll admit it)
  • A good book to get lost in, helps to make me forget all the real-life drama going on ;)
  • The Lord for never giving up on me!!
  • My Scentsy family for surrounding me with encouraging words of wisdom
  • Clothes, for having ample amounts of them!
  • Fav reality TV shows having new seasons coming on soon
  • International Delights Iced Coffee, I got a free half gallon of the stuff and I'm kind of falling in love
  • Scentsy for creating a new fragrance (Lotus Cove) and making it so yummy I could eat it!
  • Sticky notes for helping me to remember what I need to do daily
  • Pandora for keeping me sane by playing my Christian Fav's channel
  • Coupon trading friends, I love helping others and in return the feeling it give me
  • Photo updates from friends that have babies, they always make my days go faster!
  • Travis' grandma for sending us some yummy kolche
  • Free product promos from companies
  • The uncomfortable couch we own because at least we have a couch
  • My lil sis (whom I used to never get along with) for sending me a thoughtful text with words of encouragement
  • My daily bible verse app for giving me words of encouragement each morning
  • Planting season being over! Finally my boys back!
  • Tanning for being my escape from reality
  • My bountiful garden for continual growth
  • Weeds for staying manageable thus far this year in my garden

My bible verse of the day summed up something I really needed to hear! "Any my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." -Philippians 4:19

Thanks for the added words and for placing the perfect words into my lap when I need them the most! 
Blessed be his name!

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