Monday, June 4, 2012

Farming on The Four's

Eeek! This fourth crept up on me, forgive me for such an un-organized post for I haven't edited it!

Beans, They're finally coming up! Completely visible from the roads and the rows are distinct when you fly by on your way to work are driving cautiously on the gravel roads.

That chart breaks down the stages of bean growth a little better. We're in between the VC and V1 stages right now. The cotyledons are basically the first plant part that is above ground. This is the growth where you'll see the seeds actually popping up and you can visibly see the seed pod that you planted. Corn seeds stay below ground and bean seeds grow above ground as seen in the VE stage. When we get to the V1-V4 stages basically what those are, are when the amount of trifoliolate leaves or three across from each other (like a clover) are emerging. So once you start seeing trifoliolate stages you count how many you see and that's the "stage" it's in. Simple!

(I'll have to once again attach the photos later tonight after I get home. Don't judge.)

We haven't had a lot of rain recently but it looks like hopefully this coming weekend we'll get some. The fields are now drying out from our last spell we had. I'm assuming if we don't see rain this weekend we'll be wanting to start up the pivots soon.

I feel I'm slacking on the corn descriptions but we'll hopefully focus on those later (like maybe next year). I want to give me enough time to document one crop really well! So let's hope next year we can document corn and this year you'll (hopefully) get a good education on beans.

Travis has been busy spraying all of the fields he didn't get to before planting. Their Apache sprayer might be on it's final season as they've had some cracks on the welds from bouncing around on terraces. We'll see if we add a new(er) one to the farm next year. They've been spraying pre-emergence before and now they're on post-emergence. Pre and Post emergence is basically just that. Pre means they spray it before the crops are planted and Post means they are spraying it after the crops have been planted.

All in all the farming on Nerud farm is going great thus far. Let's hope that everything stays on track and we have a bountiful harvest this year!

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  1. Just a question..remember I'm a city chick. I understand spraying pre-emergence for bugs and stuff..but what is the post emergence for? Do they spray the field with both? I think learning this stuff is great. Lisa


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