Thursday, June 14, 2012

Farming on the Four's


We got about 2.2 inches worth of rain yesterday and it looks like we've got a 50% chance of more rain today and then Sunday there's a 50% chance also. Rain makes not only me happy but makes the whole community happy (including the Nerud's)!

This past week has flown by and there's not a whole lot of new business to report. The beans in the field across from the one being photographed this year aren't coming up to well if at all. The field has been alfalfa for seven plus years and Travis tried spraying it but the alfalfa just wouldn't die off. He sprayed it a second time in hopes it would kill more but it still looks pretty green to me. Since the beans didn't have enough room to grow the alfalfa won and the beans aren't coming up. We're not sure what they're gonna do with the field so until I hear further it looks like alfalfa will continue to grow there.

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