Friday, June 1, 2012

Freebie Friday & Coupon Match-Ups

Freebie Friday will be a bit different today. I've decided to add on my weekly shopping list so you guys can see what types of deals I had. Here's a photo of this week's haul. Since it was a short week for mail delivery I'm thinking that things have slowed down a little.

My (small) haul included an exercise band thingy, some coffee samples and coupons, cucumber seeds and a coupon for vitamins, iChill energy drink sample and my Tampax beauty bag sampler.

Here's an example of my coupon match-ups for the week. Some items on the list weren't price-matched and I didn't use coupons because it's difficult to find them for specific items. I'd love to eventually start doing it weekly for you guys but for now I'll just do random updates :)

So instead of writing them down this week I'm just going to take a screen shot of my list as it'll be all labeled out into their columns nice and pretty like!! (click on the picture to enlarge it even more)

Don't mind the dates column. I'm still tweaking my list as I'm going. Trying to find a way that works best for me and MY system. I've used the print-outs for awhile but thought this might be a fun new way to keep a running tally of my savings along with the fact that I can scroll back and see what some of the sale prices were for specific items I frequently buy.

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