Monday, June 4, 2012

Han(g)over Kansas Days of '49!!

Oh how we LOVE Hanover Kansas! It's been a tradition for as long as I can remember for the Alumni Band to go down to Hanover Kansas to play for their parade and enjoy our friends from another state. This past year wasn't a disappointing event either.

I don't think I can sum up Hanover any better than my post that I posted to fbook, "Han(g)over Kansas might have got the best of us, but we got the best of Snappers! Thanks for the free shots, drinks, coozies and t-shirts! Oh Alumni Band geeks how I've missed you, here's a kick-off to our summer festivities!" Yup, that basically sums it all up!

We always have wonderful sponsors down in Hanover and we're all so grateful to have such a fun extended community to go to. Their hospitality is always great and the people are super friendly. It's so fun for us band members to catch up, it's great to see all ages of members attend events. Goes to show how music can really pull people together.

Some of my fav highlights of the trip included having our emergency supply of pivos all for our row of trumpeters. The horribly great semi driver we had almost taking out a car and not knowing how to use his clutch on hills. Polka dancing in the sand at the bar. Getting free drinks, shots and bar food from Snappers bar and being offered another sponsorship by them! The ride home talks about pre-school and juice boxes.

Check out our great turnout we had, over 29 band players and over 40 including the groupies!! PS- I'm the one with the sunglasses on about 4 rows back. ;)

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