Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Homolka Ranch Babies

Check out the newest addition(s) to the Homolka Ranch! Oh these little triplets are just the cutest!

Meet the family of FAITING GOATS! Yes, we own a flock of fainting goats... They do faint but as they become older some things don't scare them as much and they get used to be around people if you baby them like we do. For example, Charlotte (the first goat we aquired) is now, no longer scared of pretty much anything and is like a family dog. She roams around the yard and stays on the property without having to be tied. Charlotte was originally a gift to my dad for his 50th birthday and from there it kind of spiraled. We've had nine altogether so far and they've all had unique and cute names.

The naming system began after we got Charlotte, she was pre-named but we decided to start going in alphabetical order after her. So Adolf and Betsy came to our farm from people that mom knew from Bee Nebraska. Then, the babies started popping out around once a year after we bought Adolf, the rest they say, is history. Here's the order in which we've named them:

Charlotte (1st goat owned)
Ginny (1 of the triplets)
Helen (1 of the triplets)
Indy (1 of the triplets)

If you take a look in the pictures you'll notice that Charlotte (the grandma to the kiddos) is hovering and constantly by the black and holstein colored ones. That's because grandma Char (her nickname) has taken them in as her own. Oddly enough, she had her baby back in January and still had milk so she offered to help the first time mom out with her motherly duties. The two have taken to Charlotte while the third stayed with the actual mom, Eloise.

What makes me giggle is the fact that we've NEVER had a white or speckled baby before. As you can tell Char's daughter Franny (the mommy of the triplets) looks identical to Char and the dad is basically all black. All of the other goats we've had are either black or brownish like the parents. These little babes are a complete shock and blessing to see how unique their colors are!

Here's the babies with Grandma (Charlotte)

Babies Ginny (speckled) and Helen (black) and Charlotte

Momma (Eloise) and the third baby Indy

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  1. AWWW Kelsey, I want them!! Or at least to come see them. I love goats. You'll have to invite me and my boogers up to your house one day ;)


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