Friday, June 22, 2012

OHiowa Days Q125

We were honored to help the little town of Ohiowa celebrate their Q125 this past weekend. It was a great experience and of course their hospitality didn't let us down. We had a decent crew that showed up (around 15ish) and we made many memories.

One funny thing we laughed about and HAD to get a picture with was their sign leading into the "kids zone". I think the picture shows our love for the sign. Don't put a sign like that next to the only bathroom because you can make a bet that we'll of course find it hilarious and need a picture with it!

We played through the parade, all four blocks of the parade and felt like our time playing might have been cut short. So we took it upon ourselves to go through the parade again! We joked that it took us longer to drive there than it took to go through the parade. Either way it was fun and we ended up meeting some new friends. We had time to practice our YEEEOOWS the whole time and we laughed when we carried our cooler full of beverages into the "beer garden" area because they had a bar set up and we brought our own beverages. Our excuse? "It's ok we're with the Wilber Alumni Band." If you don't know us you'd question that but if you do know us you'd know we use this excuse for any and all situations.

I love the band and I'm so thankful to have such a great group to have fun with. It always surprises me to hear people say they wish they could have graduated from Wilber just to join the band. I guess it goes to show that I shouldn't take my hometown for granted or forget where I was raised! Thanks band for the memories!

Another quick note: We've been asked to play and open for the Nebraska State Fair!! More details to come but save the date of August 24th (a Friday) to play and have a great time! What an honor for us!!!


  1. There truly is NOTHING like a small-town parade! Looks like you had a blast and I would have enjoyed that sign too! One thing we look forward to every year is our town's Memorial Day Parade -- so fun to catch up with everyone and their families on that day!

  2. It truly was awesome! We always love going to small town parades as a group. It gets us excited and ready for our HUGE festival. The Wilber Czech Festival!


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