Wednesday, June 27, 2012

States I've Visited Launch

Here's my starting list of states that I've visited thus far in my life. Some I wouldn't say I necessarily did tourist-y things in or even stopped in but it still counts if you drive through them or have a layover flight. I'm trying something that I will soon post about later that this has to do with the states I've visited, so for now just hang tight. In the meantime, what states have you all visited? Have you gone to more than me? I'd love to see who has stopped in the most states!!

*Colored states are places I've visited, the white ones are the ones I still need to make a pit stop in. So far it's 20 out of 50, my goal is to hit 30 of 50 before 2015!


  1. You definitely need to add some color to Alaska!!! :) We can stay up late and look for moose in the daylight :)

  2. Ohh my lanta, do you know how much I'd totally enjoy that?! I have a cousin up there, heck if anything I could turn this into a little vaca!!


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