Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

So many things I want to spill out and tell you all the details in my life friends, but for now all I can say is that I know that the best is yet to come! I have so many great things ahead and I know that although I want to be greedy and experience all things right now I know patience will be what's best for me. Thanks friends and fam for always being there for me!

  • Rainy memories of sand volleyball, although we were cold and wet it's a memory that will forever stick around
  • Birthday's, a day all to yourself to celebrate you being your awesome self
  • Gatorade for keeping me away from pop while trying to hydrate me
  • Patience while waiting for my cruddy old cell to catch up with the real world and send calls (and receive text messages)
  • Subway for feeding my addiction for another day
  • Peas and Kohlrabi being ready to eat out of the garden
  • Red (dog) for listening and obeying at times 
  • Scentsy for giving me the opportunity to bring in a little bit of spending cash
  • Mom's chipper attitude when I'm ready to punch something
  • The new CASE IH collar we got for the puppy 
  • Travis for showing me the new kitties we just found... with his scope of his gun
  • Turkeys and deer for making their appearance across the yard, peaceful knowing the wild animals consider us neighbors
  • Pinterest for all the inspiration (and on the flip side for making me feel so un-crafty)
  • Fbook for keeping me in the loop and allowing me to have something to keep me pre-occupied and away from house chores
  • God for magically dropping a little rain on the crops and my garden with his perfect timing
  • SCR for getting a grill put together so I can start grilling up some yummy suppers again!
  • MapMyRun App for keeping me in check and motivated to continue running and getting in shape

Found this and felt it really covered my thoughts for the week! Enjoy :)

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