Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday's

Another fun week of no regrets!

  • Beautiful weather for a gorgeous outdoor wedding (my dream wedding was a reality for someone else hehe)
  • Friends Friday night, was a wonderful way to finish off a hard work week
  • A Sunday full of nothing but cleaning and organizing
  • Steaks, potatoes and onions to finish off a weekend
  • Water bottles for encouraging me to drink more fluids
  • Friends for being supportive and including me in their daily lives
  • A successful jewelry party that earned us lots of free stuff!
  • The heat for reminding me how much I love air conditioning
  • Dolly Parton for helping me get through a Thursday work day
  • Travis for turning the yard light on when I come home late
  • Volleyball for giving me a girls night weekly, it's about time I have a girl's day!
  • Finding a common interest with an awesome person, fainting goats :)
  • My old dinosaur phone for still allowing me to take photos
  • A successful Scentsy party for bringing in some extra beer money cash
  • The Judds, Loretta and Dolly for giving me a rockin cruise home after work
  • Trav for helping to pluck out the weeds in my garden, we consider this quality bonding time ;)

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