Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Czech Days Newbie Tips: Food

First post, let's start off with food. Everyone get's hungry over the course of the weekend and everyone needs to eat. Food choices, well, just walk up and down main street to find any and all food types you could imagine! But some of the best food you need to try are the ones that the locals make. Some of the amazing places you can eat include:

Wilber-Clatonia FFA Foodstand. They're typically located in front of the bank near mainstreet and serve up delicious pork and pork reuben sandwiches. The best part, most of the food sold is donated from Alumni and FFA members meaning the meals you purchase that money goes towards the FFA chapter. I was an FFA member in high school and I must admit the knowledge I learned and the memories I cherish from trips we made were worth it. I'm so thankful to have sponsors like you guys helping us out and giving back to educational chapters like the FFA. To learn more about the local chapter or if you're interested in joining check out their website for more info!

Wilber Methodist Church. I'm bias when I say I love their lunch buffet style meals. They've got a full fifty course meal set up in the basement (ok not literally but you get my point), they have air conditioning and a place to rest for awhile. I have helped serve at the church for years but as time has gone on I've gotten too busy to help out anymore. I still like to make at least one pit-stop here for a meal and support my church each year though. They also have award winning liver-dumpling soup. That's their fame and they make it so yummy that as gross as the contents might be if you just taste it you'll fall in love.
Here's me shoving my face in a kolache eating contest

Lefty's. Tastes great, great people! This is another have to try stand if you're new to town. They have great pulled pork sandwiches and there's always a great crowd of workers to greet you. They're all local's who also attend some other close events and cater our for events on request.

Wilber Catholic Church. They always have a great Sunday breakfast. I enjoy going with my dad as sometimes it's our only time to spend together over the whole weekend. They also have a booth located closer to the bandstand that sells kolache and they typically run out so don't wait until Sunday to try one.

American Legion. They always have the best hamburgers in town and you cannot go through one whole Czech Days without stopping for at least one or two hamburgers. They're always open late which means you can get a midnight snack before walking home. The people working are always friendly and I've never been disappointed in their hamburgers yet!

Wilber Lutheran Church. They also have a lunch/dinner buffet on Saturday and Sunday. I've truthfully never visited them but I can only assume their pork and dumplings are satisfying. From the people that I've talked to that have ate there they said it was yummy too. They also have recently started setting up a booth that has "duck and dumplings to go" service right on main street. Typically located down on the west side of town by the extension office it's situated perfectly for when I take the long route to the town house. The cup size is great and the dumplings are never less than perfect! 

There are of course vendors lined up and down the streets that have the typical carnival type foods too if you're not into the Czech meals. My fav vendor type food would be the gyro stand of course, but the lemonade lady that always comes is a close second. I would encourage everyone to at least support one local vendor and thank them for all their time, I know a lot of the vendors that are local are all volunteers and it's so special to see how much effort our small community puts forth to make the weekend flow smoothly and to welcome everyone to our little Czech town. DobrĂ½ Den!!


  1. Pretty sure it is the Lutheran church (Lindsay Kohout's idea) stand with the to go dumplings and kraut.

  2. Ugh! I knew I was going to mess it up! I swore they were with the Catholic church, I'll change it ;)


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