Friday, July 6, 2012

Czech Days Newbie Tips: Where Do We Start?!

So, it came to my attention that Czech Days is coming up and there are actually still newbies out there that have never attended the festival!? I know, hard to believe but it's something we'll all have to stay calm about and promise to be patient with them. Let's just think about it first though, if you were a newbie to the Wilber Czech Festival where would you start? Which day do you attend if you have to choose just one? What are the best places to eat at? What exactly is a kolache anyways? Approximately what is the BPH (beer per hour) ratio you should take in to make it until bar closing time?

All great questions and I'll start answering them! There is absolutely no way I can answer all of these questions in one small post, so we're going to start a "series" in honor of the biggest holiday of the year. Ok, not the biggest but to me and many Wilber-ites it could be considered the biggest holiday.

I guess sometimes growing up in Wilber and participating in every event possible I lose track and forget that some people haven't even heard of Czech Days. I love all things about my heritage and celebrating it once a year just isn't enough, I live it daily and embrace our crazy ancestors and their way of life to an extent. I love being an ambassador and with or without a crown on I will encourage and invite people to check out our cute little town and all the events our fun filled weekend has to offer!

So with all that in mind, here's to a series about Czech Days and a walk in my shoes about my take on the whole weekend! Oh, and I'll be adding some of my Czech flair to the posts as well, starting off with a picture of me and the boy at Czech Days 2011.


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