Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Farming On The Four's

Here's just an awesome article that a fan wrote to Rachel Ray after watching one of her episodes. Sometimes I have to laugh at celebrities (or those who think they are) at the things they say! If she really knew about beef she probably wouldn't have suggested some of the things she said. I guess looking at her as a professional cook, the average Joe would believe what she said. Knowing a little more about the cattle industry maybe is the reason I'm more aware but you never know what people that aren't around beef think!

This four post is on a special fourth. July 4th! The day we celebrate our independence! This week our crops are looking ok. Not great but not to the point of dying out quite yet. If we don't receive rain soon you can bet that a lot of the fields could be potentially at permanent wilting point. As of July 3rd this is what the drought level looks like for the US. If you look at southeast Nebraska we're only in moderate but it can become severe rather quickly. The article I read said that over 46% of the US is in at least one of these stages of drought. Not good.

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