Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Farming On The Four's

Check out this link which shows that more than half the country is in extreme drought already. We haven't had it this bad in almost sixty years!! That's just proof that we really need some rain and quick. I have to laugh because anymore when we talk about rain we get excited about even a 50% shot of rain and as you can tell by our 7 day forecast it looks like Wednesday we just might have a chance of getting something. But hey, they always say something is better than nothing so we'll keep hoping on that 50% and throw up some extra's prayers letting the big man know we'd appreciate any little drop he'll give us.

I promise to post crop growth photos once I get them taken. I've been getting home late which has been causing me not to get out there to get some shots. Our dry land beans aren't looking too bad but if we don't receive rain soon they're going to start suffering. The field that was sprayed and replanted twice is now officially dead. There are spots of beans coming up but with no rain I think they'll suffer and eventually die here soon.

As for corn in our area, well, the yields will more than likely be down this year. I haven't looked at reports lately but I'm sure they're expecting less bushels which means corn prices will rise to meet the demands. When they do bushel reports the reports estimate how many bushels they think will be produced this year. The boards then take those numbers to analyze them to see what prices should be, the smaller amount of bushels we'll have means the price will rise due to a shortage of the product. Corn in our area is alright but even the irrigated corn looks super short and the ears aren't putting on a lot of kernels. Let's just hope when we harvest the bushels are higher than expected!

I will admit I will probably miss the next "farming on the four" due to Czech Days but I promise to back track and post later on in the week. Until the next fourth, pray for rain and happy Czech Days! :)

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