Monday, July 2, 2012

July Scentsy News

Ok, I'll admit it. I've fallen off the Scentsy train the past couple of weeks. I have been SUPER busy prepping for Czech Days so I haven't focused too much on sales, or recruits. Let's hope August goes a little better!

Kick off your workday shoes and get ready to relax! Ohana brings all the fun of a beach holiday to your home, with swirling blue surf punctuated by a pair of sunny flip flops. Whether you’re longing to bury your toes in the sand or whether you’re reliving newly-formed memories, Ohana brings the sea to you.

*SCENT OF THE MONTH* - Lemons & Berries
Lemons & Berries: As refreshing as a frosty-sweet glass of lemonade on a hot day:Juicy strawberries and red currants cut with a blast of zesty citrus. (this one too is super yummy!)

Enjoy this month's scent and warmer of the month for 10% off! 
As always you can order directly through me (for free shipping) or you can order off of my websites:

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