Sunday, July 1, 2012

List of 101 things in 1001 days

So I have been inspired to do this after seeing a couple of other ladies blogs that I follow. I felt it was great, I mean everyone has goals but not everyone writes them down. Maybe that's the difference between successfully reaching your goals and not reaching them? Either way I want to try something new and this is my way of holding myself accountable! Intention is once I reach the goal I'll cross it off. We'll see how far I get, let's hope within 1001 days (or less than three years converted into years terms) that some if not ALL of these items are checked off!! If it's a continuous goal I'll mark my progress in color. I'm going to post it as a post and then I'll start a "page" up top so it's easier to get to, I'll update the actual page with my progress though so everyone can see how I'm doing!

Start Date: July 1, 2012
End Date: March 29, 2015

1. Get engaged/married
2. Get pictures done of us (professional)
3. Go on a spur of the moment date in a different county other than Saline Co
4. Mail a letter to Travis, just because
5. Go to a live musical together
6. Surprise Travis with breakfast in bed five times
7. Spend a whole day in pj's watching movies
8. Teach Travis a choreographed Beseda song
9. Go to a drive-in movie together for a date night
10. Go on a date and try a new type of restaurant

11. Drink two bottles of water a day for two weeks straight
12. Run a 5k race
13. No pop for one week straight
14. Do twenty sit-ups/push-ups a day for two weeks straight
15. Run a mile in less than ten minutes without stopping
16. Fit into a size smaller jeans than what I'm wearing now
17. Run twice a week for one month straight
18. Don't sleep in on the weekend, wake up by 8 am for seven days
19. Participate in a team sports league or in a tournament
20. Go to bed by 11 pm on weekdays for two weeks straight

Things to Buy/Own
21. A sewing machine
22. Own a DSL camera
23. A new laptop (ours is on it's death bed)
24. An iPad/Kindle/Nook
25. Foodsaver
26. Picnic table
27. A lottery ticket when the jackpot is huge
28. Working vacuum cleaner
29. Order something off of Etsy
30. New running shoes

Things to Do
31. Send fifteen birthday cards to friends
32. Read fifteen books in one year (4 of 15)
33. Spend a whole day watching Disney movies
34. Be a bridesmaid in a wedding
35. Send flowers (or a gift) to both my mom and dad at work
36. Host a baby shower for a friend or family member
37. Have a suntan from the actual sun (no tanning beds)
38. Baby-sit twins by myself
39. Camp in a tent in the yard
40. Donate 50 things I don't use or need to charities
41. Attend a midnight premier of a movie
42. Vote in an election for myself when I find none of the candidates intriguing
43. Go to a pumpkin patch
44. Write five thank you letters to companies of products I use
45. Go to Scentsy Convention

Things to Learn
46. Learn ten basic Czech sentences
47. Memorize two songs from our Alumni Band music
48. How to make perfect dumplings and kolache from my Grandma
49. Learn how to can pasta sauce
50. How to make a door wreath

51. Go to a Women of Faith event
52. Read the Bible all the way through
53. Pay for one child to go to church camp
54. Leave ten sticky notes with bible verses in public bathrooms
55. Attend church twice on a non-significant holiday Sunday

56. Cash in two mason jars worth of change to my savings account
57. Put away four paychecks for an emergency fund
58. Create an account for future house projects and add $400 to the account
59. Refrain from buying clothes for three weeks straight
60. Set up a retirement account and contribute to it monthly

61. Complete five Pinterest craft projects
62. Make curtains for my craft room and the kitchen
63. Enter a photo into a photo contest
64. Dance with the radio cranked in my undies, t-shirt and tall socks at home
65. Make homemade gifts for my family members for Christmas presents

Random Acts of Kindness
66. Tip someone 100% of my bill
67. Tape a lottery ticket to a gas pump
68. Pay for the persons food behind me in a drive through
69. Flip through a phonebook, stop on five people and mail them $5 each
70. Stick money to a pop machine with the right change
71. Leave fifteen coupons laying next to the items in the store
72. Donate the next three times I'm asked at a fast food place
73. Leave diapers on a changing table in a public restroom
74. Donate one month's check of Scentsy commissions to a Children's Hospital
75. Send a box of cookies to a random business in town

Places to Visit
76. Take a ten day trip to Texas to see the Zoubek's
77. Visit Washington DC
78. Go on a ski trip with just Travis and I
79. Visit at least thirty of the states in the USA (20 of 50)
80. Go to fifteen different state landmarks in Nebraska
81. Visit House on The Rock in Wisconsin
82. Watch a live Broadway show
83. Attend a live taping of a show or movie (Oprah?)
84. Throw a dart at a map of Nebraska and visit that town

85. Have twenty followers
86. Update with at least one recipe a week for a month straight
87. Comment on fifteen random blogs
88. Do a link party with another blogger
89. Blog about over 75 of the items of my list and how I achieved them
90. Continue to do my Thankful Thursday's for the next six months

91. Take my parents out to eat and surprise them by paying the tab
92. Invite both Homolka's and Nerud's over for a BBQ
93. Take family pictures
94. Do a family game night with Homolka's and Nerud's

95. Make a list of 101 positive things about myself
96. Smile and remind myself I'm beautiful every morning for three weeks
97. Put $3 in a jar for every item I cross off my list
98. Buy myself flowers just because
99. Don't ask Trav to help me for three days (I can do things, I'm just too lazy)
100. Wear make-up every day for a week straight

Last but not least....
101. Make a new list to complete!

So, wish me luck everyone! I want to keep you guys updated and would love to see if anyone else has a list started! If you have any suggestions for my list please send me an email! Thanks :)


  1. Mud Run 5K?! Aug 25th in Lincoln!

  2. Eeek! We want to do it, but thought registration was closed already?

  3. There is always the Duck and Dumpling Run on Czech Days. Lisa

  4. Yes indeed! We're actually planning on participating in that one. But I'd love to challenge myself a little more. Hopefully get 1-2 races in yearly if possible ;)

  5. I love this!! The random acts of kindness and blogging parts were my fav.

    I definitely think putting your goals "out there" for the world to see is a great way to hold yourself accountable!

  6. Aww thanks!! I love reading your blog too and of course feel free to "steal/copy" the idea and start your own list! Looks like you're plenty busy with other things right now but you've got a couple years to get the list done! So much fun to challenge yourself and the blog and RAK are the most rewarding ones I think :)


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